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Please Note This Listing Is For The First Edition Of The Book It Is No Longer Available A Second Edition Was Released August A Modern Day M M, BDSM Retelling Of The Ugly Ducking Fairy Tale Using Avian Shifters Raised Among Humans, Ori Jones Only Discovered He Was An Avian Shifter Six Months Ago Unable To Complete A Full Shift Until He Reaches His Avian Maturity, He Still Can T Be Sure Of His Exact Species But With Species Comes Rank, And Rank Is Everything To The Avians When A Partial Shift Allows The Elders To Announce That They Believe Ori To Be A Rather Ugly Little Duckling, He Drops Straight To The Bottom Rung Of Their Hierarchy Life Isn T Easy For Ori Until He Comes To The Attention Of A High Ranking Hawk Shifter Then The Only Question Is, Is Ori Really A Duck And What Will His New Master Think When The Truth Eventually Comes Out I could think of nothing above and beyond what I previously said about this book, so the unicorns got together to squeal about Ori It s possible only dogs and sea creatures could hear the squealing Luckily we had chatzy Read our collective squealing over a sweet lil fledgling HERE Sometimes a Swan is just a Big, White Duck Duckis about a hierarchical society of avian shifters Ducks are near the bottom, typically servants Ori has no real family so he has no idea what he ll shift into when he comes of age The leader of the nest said he would likely be an ugly little duckling thus he s been put to work in the kitchens where he s been hazed abused repeatedly by many, many higher ranking shifters Until Raynard comes to his rescue takes him home to be his servant Except Ori was all submission Raynard is a hawk, a dominant bird that mates for life Ori revels in pleasing being of service to his master Soon they fall into a D s relationship Raynard collars Ori It s plain to see they ve fallen in love to anyone who s paying attention Raynard becomes increasingly possessive of his submissive One night he takes Ori back to the nest to publicly claim his submissive in front of everyone The higher ranking birds try to harass him which doesn t go over to well You re stronger with your submission than you d be without it Eventually, the time comes for Ori to make his first shift into a swan Swans are the purest species of avian that exists They are good, and noble, and beautiful They have the most exquisite spirits, the finest temperaments And, by extension, are at the top of the hierarchy In other words, they have servants, they aren t servants or submissives SHIT SHIT SHIT SHIT All hell breaks loose People start calling Ori Sire Raynard freaks out He reverts back to the hierarchical order of things rejects Ori, telling him he ll grow accustomed to his new station in the nest Ori withdraws withers without his Master s guidance Literally Ori s miserable Raynard s miserable The nest doesn t know what to do with Ori It s just a mess A hot mess If a swan truly wants to serve, no one has any right to try to stop him Sometimes you have to play dirty to get what you want And sometimes you find allies in the unlikeliest of places Raynard just needs a little reminder of how good a submissive Ori truly is The most valuable possession my master owns is his submissive I will take great care that no harm comes to my master s submissive whenever he is not there to watch over me himself. I have to be honest, I was skeptical of all the 5 star reviews Well, I can admit when I m wrong Duckis the best thing I ve read in awhile I loved it even when I hated it I still loved it It was beautiful, poignant, heartbreaking magical I loved Ori Raynard from the get go However, I do have a thing for sweet little slave boys erm ducklings, I mean. Captivating retelling of the Fairy Tale Story of the Ugly Duckling charmingly incorporating a Dom and Sub TPE Relationship WOW..loved it After my recent reads, this book by Kim Dare was a breath of fresh air How you might ask is a TPE BDSM novel a breath of fresh air well, the relationship between our two MC s Ori and Raynard, was so sweet in it s rendition, full of deep awareness and tender love, told from both POV s This was not crude, degrading or humiliating in anyway, they had nothing but respect and complete understanding of their duty and responsibility as a Dominant and a Submissive Ori and Raynard are two halves of a whole, they complete each other, fitting together so perfectly that nothing in the past or present could influence or change the perfection of what they were togetherOri grew up in the Foster Care system, with no sense of belonging, not knowing compassion or love and not knowing his true place in the world, always feeling like an outsider trying to fit in When Ori stumbles on the nest, the elders are unsure of his true avian species and thinking him a rather ugly little duckling They put him to work in The Gentleman s Club where he works as a servant to be used and abused, servicing the men of the nest Cruelty and general sadism metered out to him as a no one , even in the eyes of the elders, he is so far down the bottom of the hierarchy, he does not exist Despite this treatment Ori feels no malice, he is content in knowing he has a purpose and is happy to carry out any task asked of him, wanting only to become part of the shifter community and please Ori has such a sweet and gentle nature, humble and obedient knowing what is expected of him and happy to obey When Frederick Reynard, a high ranking Hawke, witnesses the Crows at the Club tormenting this pretty fledgling, so vulnerable and susceptible to their taunts, he is furious and offers Ori a place within his own household, one that he has recently inherited from his late Uncle and is in need of a complete overhaul, a task which Ori takes on with enthusiastic pleasure But despite Reynards honourable intentions towards Ori, he is drawn to him, seeing his true submissive nature, so innocent and humble with no expectations or demands, Ori seeks only approval from his Master Ori, so wide eyed and innocent is in awe of Raynard and worships him adoringly, he is happy and his whole purpose in life is to please his Master, taking comfort and filling him with joy, when his Master praises him Raynard has such gentle sensitivity, he sees Ori s true nature and embraces it, nurtures it as a gift, not something to abuse or revile but something to cherish For Ori, such a gentle soul, submission was natural, he was at peace and his Master was home..But when it is time for Ori to return to the Nest for his first full shift, the outcome is not as expected and what follows broke my heart The most valuable possession my master owns is his submissive I will take great care that no harm comes to my master s submissive whenever he is not there to watch over me himself.If you read this book the above will have you in tears Yesthats right big fat tears All my mothering instincts wanted to delve into the pages of the book and wrap Ori in my arms and envelope him with LOVE What great characters these two were, a testament to the writing that I was so wrapped up in them, at one point I did not want to read any further for fear the outcome would not be to my liking Needless to say I loved this book, I was totally engrossed and the story was compelling I did have a couple of issues with grammar and format, a few times I had to go back and make sure I had read correctly, but I am a numbers person not a words person so no expert there I was also left with questions that were not really answered as in, how did Ori know he was a shifter how did he find out about the Nest Raynard was a Dom, had he had previous subs if so what happened perhaps background and world building would have helped Other than that a great read and would highly recommend to anyone wanting to try a novel with m m BDSM and TPE with some very HOT man on man smexy loving Definitely not hardcore just a beautiful romance, that will definitely require tissues For reviews please visit Sinfully Sexy Book Reviews Kim Dare M M BDSM shape shifters finally a longer book Loved this one And finally a good and LONG book by Kim Dare The story starts with Ori, a young, not fully formed shifter, being laughed at and treated horribly at the place he works There he meets Raynard, a hawk shifter who takes him under his wing Raynard is a natural dominant, both hawk and human, and he can t help but feel the need to protect Ori, and at the same time want to have him as his submissive Ori was raised without knowing his true form, the elders proclaimed him a duck, so he has served the righer ranks, in whatever way they wanted Poor guy, I just loved him from page one He goes to live with Raynard and work as his servant, later accepting to have a D s relationship with him I liked the way Raynard treated him, as most of KD s doms, he was just great Ori, did I mention I loved him Yes He s just that sweet There was one scene when Raynard came home and found blood all over his house Man, that one just cramped my stomack And later, after Ori s first full shift I just wanted to cry for him And I wanted to kick Raynard s ass Anyway, I m not a big fan of 24 7 dom sub relationships, although KD writes them so well I basically read this for the characters And here they were great BTW, all the while reading this, it was going to have 4 stars No doubt about it But then one perfect sentence thought by Raynard changed this to a 5 brilliant stars Just can t believe it happened, I ve read some bdsm books, but that scenario even in thought was not seen often if ever.Here s a spoiler, but if you haven t read the book I d recommend not to read it view spoiler Raynard knew Ori couldn t be his submissive any longer, it wasn t in the true nature of his kind, and he realised he loved him so much that he d do anything, even change himself to be able to be with him, and knowing that he and his animal would probably go crazy being a submissive, but he was willing to do it hide spoiler I can never get tired of reading this book I simply adore Ori and Raynard and their sweet, comforting relationship