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Northern Exposure Even In Grundy, Alaska, It S Unusual To Find A Naked Guy With A Bear Trap Clamped To His Ankle On Your Porch But When Said Guy Turns Into A Wolf, Recent Southern Transplant Mo Wenstein Has No Difficulty Identifying The Problem Her Surly Neighbor Cooper Graham Who Has Been Openly Critical Of Mo S Ability To Adapt To Life In Alaska Has Trouble Of His Own Werewolf Trouble For Cooper, An Alpha In Self Imposed Exile From His Dysfunctional Pack, It S Love At First Sniff When It Comes To Mo But Cooper Has An Even Pressing Concern On His Mind Several People Around Grundy Have Been The Victims Of Wolf Attacks, And Since Cooper Has No Memory Of What He Gets Up To While In Werewolf Form, He S Worried That He Might Be The Violent Canine In Question If A Wolf Cries Wolf, It Makes Sense To Listen, Yet Mo Is Convinced That Cooper Is Not The Culprit Except If He S Not Responsible, Then Who Is And When A Werewolf Falls Head Over Haunches In Love With You, What Are You Supposed To Do Anyway The Rules Of Dating Just Got A Whole Lot Complicated 3.65 A buddy read with the reluctant PNR participants at The MacHalo Freaks groupThis was supposed to be a Paranormal Romance, but it is actually very much of a straight forward contemporary romance with the dude shifting into wolf The plot is typical Mo, a girl from Mississippi, moves away from her overbearing parents, to be an independent adult, and chooses to go as far away while staying in the same country as she can She goes to Grundy, Alaska, population couple of thousand She finds a job at the local bar and becomes the new single girl in a town low on ladies There are many interested dudes, but two seem to capture her interest And wouldn t you know it, the one who makes her blood boil turns into a Wolf from time to time I guess everyone has some shortcomings We have funny stories, comical situations, hilarious banter, and some sexy times, which I will admit, could have been hotter But the overall mood is pleasant and enjoyable, despite some parts being a bit slow and as with all CRs, quite predictable I would recommend this to all lovers of romance with a bit of a twist, and would enjoy a light and funny storytelling I wish all of you Happy Reading and may you always have a good book around Boom Five stars Your jaw just hit the floor, didn t it Trust me, you re not the only one taken aback by that The last time I enjoyed a full blown Paranormal Romance this much waswait for itwait for itI need to check my shelveswait for itwait for itYou still there Okay, for those of you still with the living, let s just say it s been a while This book surprised the hell out of me Unlike your usual, placidEither my brain works or my vagina does, for neither can live while the other survivesstyle of pushover female lead that keeps me away from this genre, we have ourselves a bonafide heroine I Loved Her She was hilarious Throughout this book Too many times when I read something that people claim is funny, I find the humor disappears around the halfway mark, when the storyline really starts to heat up Not so with this I highlighted every line that made me laugh, just to prove a point The point is, I highlighted something on almost every goddamn page And the romance THE ROMANCE So keep in mind that while this book has a few issues, I was able to COMPLETELY ignore them because of how entertaining it was And honestly, that speaks volumes So five stars it is I regret nothing Blog Facebook Twitter Instagram Pinterest I Was Forced to Read this Thing Buddy Read IWFtRtTBR with the Heartless MacHalos who Love to Watch Me Suffer HMwLtWMS DNF at 52% Go me. To all those silly friends of mine my friends who LOVED this book you know I love you no matter what, right Right.I was totally prepared to tackle this one I d stocked up on the vodka and bought a brand new anti lovey dovey crap inhaler I d gotten a mushy sap allergy shot, too And my knife collection was polished In other words, I was READY.Only I didn t die of sugar shock while reading this thing I died of boredom And of a cunning, surprise chick lit attack And believe me, that freaking HURTS A lot than getting a few limbs chopped off I m telling you, reading PNR is a complete joke compared to this This one is not for the faint of heart, people It s deadly stuff Bloody hell It s a wonder I survived long enough to read half of this thing And didn t lose any grey cells in the process I mean, there are light reads, and then there is pure, undiluted, romantic chick lit crap this book I swear, this story makes Noddy and The Aeroplane seem complex than quantum physics Einstein beware, Molly Harper is out to get you Oh, I know what you re thinking, my Little Barnacles You re thinking She of the Very Superior Intelligence and Exceptional IQ that s me, in case you were wondering is a total book snob You re thinking I look down on poor Molly Harper because she writes stuff that doesn t require a functioning brain to be read Well, as usual, you are very wrong I do look down on Molly Harper But that s only because she writes crap Uh oh, I think I feel a Braindead Paranormal Chick Lit Loving Troll Attack BPCLLTA coming Better go into hiding for a few minutes Be right back.So Where were we Oh yes, this book is pure, undiluted, romantic chick lit crap and a killer of grey cells And no, I ain t no book snob I mean, I sometimes read and slightly enjoy highly intellectual stuff like Dark Lover, how s that for being a condescending ass But anyway.Now Time to tell you about this masterpiece Not only is this thing Super Braindead Diet Material SBDM , it is also dull lackluster boring as hell I swear, even dear Sookie s fascinating adventures were way entertaining than this And that s saying something right there And YES, even Pathetic Bill of the Dillards Bought Green and Brown Striped Golfing Shirt PBofTBGaBSGS is a exciting character than the lame excuse for a werewolf we have here I kid you not Scary thought, isn t it I barely survived Pathetic Bill myself, so believe me, I KNOW just how terrifying the idea of anyone being uninspiring than him might be.Not only is what s his name the werewoolf boring and flat and dull and lame, he is also a complete asshole And a total douchebag But that s okay, because he s got ISSUES, you see He went through some devastatingly AWFUL STUFF a few years back, you see Which makes it perfectly alright for him to be a dick and treat other people like crap, you see Now don t ask me what the AWFUL STUFF was, I have no freaking idea I unfortunately DNFed this PoC before the BIG REVEAL, so I can t help you there You ll just have to read the book to find out Yeah, I know, life sucks.In case the Naked Asswerebore it s a new species wasn t enough, lovely Molly Harper very graciously threw in the Chick with the Ridiculous Nickname and the Pathetically Clich d Hippy Vegetarian Whatever Parents CwtRNatPCHVWP , aka Mo The girl just relocated to Alaska and lives a captivating life in a deliciously quaint little town view spoiler I am excite hide spoiler Find all of my reviews at YOU ARE RELATED TO ME, PLEASE DO ME A SOLID AND DON T READ THIS THANKS IN ADVANCE This weekend I discovered a little summin summin Which forever after shall be dubbed Snake Juice in my house When I woke up I realized Well, actually they were butts, but they were still really unsafe for work and would probably get me banned if I used them in my review FYI there are lots of sexytimes butt pictures of Joe Manganiello on the Tumblr LOTS so I had to settle for gifs like this So anyway, enough of my drunken gif hunting let s get to the book This was a wolfy porno errrr, excuse me a paranormal romance Wouldn t want to be accused of being not politically correct on the ol Goodreads I chose to read this one for scientific purposes There is totally a full moon coming up plus Halloween and I have to make sure I m prepared for any werewolves who come creeping out of the woods behind my house How d that get there Fat fingers or something must be to blame What I meant was get prepared with silver bullets Close enough How to Flirt with a Naked Werewolf begins with our female lead Mo making a break from her extremely over involved parents at nearly 30 years old With a little money saved she decides to head as far away as possible without changing continents and winds up in Grundy, Alaska It s there Mo begins to find herself, make new friends, begin a new career and help the naked fella who winds up on her front porch with a bear trap around his ankle Turns out Cooper, the local yokel who has been the least receptive of Mo, also happens to be a werewolf Sidenote What other man could possibly look sexy while holding a roll of asswipe I mean really There s one thing about him tooWell, that cinched it He was an asshole I was definitely going to end up sleeping with himHehehehe OF COURSE SHE IS That s the only reason gals like me even read this stuff There was also some mystery involved because there is always some sort of mystery involved in these books about missing hikers getting killed by wolves and Cooper thinking he might be the big bad wolf and yada yada yada, but really it was all about the smex which there wasn t a lot of but what there was made me wanna Channing all over my Tatum I m giving this 3.5 Stars Probably because I m an asshole If it s on your TBR read it My 3.5 is the equivalent of 17.5 for any normal human For me the story was just a bit too familiar, the mystery was solvable immediately, and it ran a touch too long I was also hoping for something with regard to Mo s parents and her weird one with nature upbringing and was a bit disappointed that it didn t deliver but maybe it does in the next book Who knows How to Flirt with a Naked Werewolf ended up on my TBR due to Casey s recommendation Do you know Casey She s just about the most adorable person I ve ever seen and she s also a filthy, filthy pervert Best of both worlds right there