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Flutter The Third Book In The My Blood Approves SeriesBeing Undead Doesn T Make Life Any Easier For Alice BonhamHer Younger Brother S Love Life Is Heating Up, While Hers Is Complicated Mae Is Falling Apart, Her Best Friend Jane Is Addicted To Vampire Bites, And If Alice Doesn T Get Her Bloodlust Under Control, Someone Will End Up DeadAlice Volunteers For A Rescue Mission With Ezra But Going Up Against A Pack Of Rabid Vampires Might Be Too Much, Even For Him

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    I ll be honest and tell you that I pretty much skimmed through the last 15% of the book because I got bored.So, Alice is still being her fabulous self At first she and Ezra are going after Peter who is on a suicide mission First he refuses to come home with them, but after two and a half words from Alice, he changes his mind Her bond with Peter is gone, but that doesn t stop her from kissing him for god knows what reason Later in the book, Peter throws this in Jack s face and Jack leaves 3 entire days later I know, I don t know how either of them survived that long without each other he comes home, tells her he can t live without her and asks her if she wants to run away with him they decide to move out and start looking for a place to stay they try to have sex, but are interrupted, AGAIN But like, one chapter later Alice gears up in sexy lingerie and Jack gives her some sweet lovin Which really didn t live up to my expectations, with all the close but no sigar moments they had, I was ready to explode.In the meantime, Mae s nervous breakdown is still going downhill I felt like slapping her , and I understood she turned her great granddaughter into a vampire because she didn t want her to die Or something Good luck with telling that abomination why she can t go to parties Or have a boyfriend Or do anything that doesn t involve watching purple dinosaurs on TV.My prediction about Jane becoming a streetwalker wasn t that far off, apparently Instead she became a happy blood hooker, addicted to the bite of a vampire.Milo almost killed his boyfriend, Jane almost got killed by her boyfriend, Peter almost got killed by a rogue vampire pack, Ezra almost got killed by said rogue vampire pack.Either way, I ll keep on reading, bring on the next one please.

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    The first two volumes are by far the strongest, and Flutter takes a serious nose dive in comparison I will not be reading the fourth, which is out now, as I do not feel the series can be redeemed There are so many repeating phrases that I could not help but start counting their occurrence, while reading, and it really pushes one away form the story Too often someone speaks not unkindly or curls a lock of hair behind an ear, or asks are you coming with The last question I find annoying on its own, but I understand some people do talk that way especially younger people I can t imagine a 300 year old vampire speaking that way I can t accept every single character in every book that I have read by Amanda Hocking speaking that way That just doesn t work for me.

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    Next on drama rama I have such a mixed opinion on this series On one hand I think the vampires here are an interesting concept I like the humor and lack of supernatural angst, making it kinda laid back there.Problem is, though, the plot and drama is pretty much split between insatiable bloodlust, petty relationship issues, and extremely poor judgment creating unnecessary problems So, it s funny and frustrating I guessI dunno I ll give it three stars and leave it there.

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    Amanda Hocking s Flutter has a lot of biting inside one s cheek, tucking one s hair behind one s ear and coming with Believe me, I counted Now that Alice has turned, you d expect things to go better for her better looks, fewer pounds a smoother love life Yes, to the the first two she shot up two inches in a matter of days, her complexion improved, and over all, she became hotter Her love life, however, lives a lot desired Despite being turned by jack, her body blood still calls to Peter.Now, things would have probably gone smoother had Jack behaved like the suave mature guy that he was in My Blood Approves and Fate, but, no he d turned into this insecure, sniveling boy The fight over the pillow did not help Granted, the pillow wasn t the point But for goodness sake, couldn t they have come up a better segue The point being it was not Jack who had been wronged rather it was he who had done the wronging Add the fact that Mae was turning into a whiny Valley Girl who was not getting what she wanted.I suppose Flutter is not all bad The parts that made me read on had to do with Ezra and Milo The former s self sacrifice and the latter s growing confidence Flutter is an OK read for a stormy night when one has nothing better to read as was the case for me.

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    Rating 2.0 Genre YA Paranormal Romance One of the worse female YA heroines ever Review You would figure that after my sterling review of Fate, yes that is sarcasm by the way I would have realized that this series could only get worse I don t usually pay attention to reviews, but in this case, I should have I must have some serious issues with torturing myself with bad editing and verbages throughout the book that make absolutely no sense How did I actually end up finishing the story you ask By skipping major boring parts throughout the books, and getting to the ones that sort of made sense.Let me highlight the story itself Alice is, naturally, a vampire now She was 5 3 tall as a human and gained a whole 2 inches as a vampire WOO HOO eyeroll She is a bumbling, trip over own two feet, unable to control herself vampire which is a perfect explaination for the past three books in this series She supposingly loves Jack, but ends up nearly biting Peter after playing kissy face with him Plus, her so called bloodlust is out of control than even Milo s was The whole Peter, Jack, Alice 3 way athon been there done that hated it two finger clicks, around the world continues to the point of constant screaming and hateful rhethoric This is me turning the pages click For some reason, vampires can t get enough of Alice s emo blood and thus she has even bad vamps chasing after her Jack has turned into a whiney spoiled little brat and jealous of anything that Alice does without him around So, when Ezra, Jack and Alice fly to Finland to find Peter, Jack turns all possessive I hate possessive characters in books as well as real life Jack and Peter end up fighting over a silly pillow which really means that they are fighting over what happened between them and Alice Later, Alice and Jack decide to move out and get their own apartment but thanks to the brilliantly sick mind of Mae, they will probably end up staying.Milo finds a human gay boyfriend who Alice believes is a male version of a blood whore Naturally, Bobby did in fact hang around with vampires and Bobby wasn t his only lover Alice, of course, is instantly hateful towards him because he s human and older than her 16 year old brother Milo nearly kills Bobby by draining his blood Of course, we later forget that Alice nearly does the same exact thing in order to save her life from some weird vampires the writer decides to call Lycans Peter is found and brought back from Finland by Alice and Ezra at the expense of Ezra s blood Peter tells Alice that the reason he bit her was so that Jack would rush in and kill him Peter reveals some shocking information to Alice, who naturally, turns around and tells Jack Mae claims that she and Peter and the abomination she creates are moving to Australia.Violet the vampire, who chased Alice with Lucian, is still around but less likely to be trouble.Jane is now a blood whore thanks to Milo drinking blood from her in the last edition of this series Involved with a vampire named Jonathan Alice et al attempt to save her but she runs away and ends up in the hands of the Lycan Vampires To be continued..Mae for some reason decided it was a good idea to visit her human family and is now having a nervous breakdown Has a great granddaughter named Daisy who is dying of cancer and feels that it is her right to save her by making her a mini Mae Mae turns her five her old great granddaughter into an abomination and infuriates everyone around her Mae and Ezra are so overwith.Really WTH are you smoking moment You know, sharks are the only natural enemy vampires have, he said, his eyes still locked on the television screen Yeah, Ezra told me that, I said But I don t know if they re really a natural enemy I mean, how many vampires live in the water Please, I beg of anyone who cares, just put me out of my misery before I continue with this series May I just say that I am really, really, really glad that I didn t have to spend money on any of these books That I ve actually BORROWED them through an .com program

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    Flutter has a lot action and less all around depression Alice is now a vampire, and she and Jack are a couple Shortly after the book opens, Alice and Ezra go try to save Peter from a suicide mission Peter returns home with them and the love triangle is still a big issue Milo has a human love intrest, and I was glad that he finally got over Jack Mae really got on my nerves in this one, but I can definitly see why she does the things she does I just don t like it This third book renewed my intrest in the series I know Jack and Alice are together now, but I can t help but want her to end up with Peter Everyone is heading in different directions at the end , and it will be intersting to see how it all pans out If you lost heart with the series after the second book, you should give the third book a try The action was an added welcome, and there are a lot of questions that still are left to be answered One that is really bothering me is about Alice Why does everyone want her EVERYONE likes and or wants her.MY SUMMARY so in the last book, jack has gave alice his blood to drink and now shes a vampire But sadly, peter felt his bond with alice dissapear and now he s crazy and ran off to someplace, unsafe who knows fer sheer Now in this book, jack and alice are a couple and sorta blood mates later on ezra found out that peter s in danger, and decides to go on a mission to save him, alice then hears about this and askes ezra to go with him to save peter jack doesnt approve of this at first, but he knows nothing can stop alice from not goingalice and ezra leave,and now later on they found out peter is on a suicide mission he went to the lupin people to try to get himself killed ezra and alice arrive and later on brings peter back ezra let the lupin harm him to let peter free or so he thinks when they get back, mae starts to fall apart because she found out that her great grand daughter is ill, and she wants to change her so she wont die also because mae trys to keep her promise that she made along time ago to herself not to let any of her children die..but when ezra hears about this, he says its not the right thing to do and says that if mae does change the child, she cant live with him any, on to find out about alice s love triangle and about ezra and mae s relationship will they fall apart or will it get better SPOILER at the end of this book, mae changes the child, and her relationship with ezra falls apart ALSO after the mission, alice finds out that a human name BOBBY, is dating MILO her younger bro

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    Ok, so I m just going to start by saying that I have this problem My problem is that when I start a series or trilogy or just a book with a sequel, I won t write my review until I m like finished, because I just cannot stop reading for the like of me I read all four of the my blood approves books in three days because I just didn t want to stop, so I ve kind of been procrastinating with writing this review.So to start, I think that these books were REALLY good I mean there were like those stupid cliche vampire book parts, but if you can get past that then you would think this was really good.So in this third book, which was my favorite of the four book, everything kind of starts to go downhill for everyone Alice just became a vampire, and all that, then Peter apparently was going to kill himself, so her and Ezra go to Finland to retrieve him from the Lycan, a group of primitive vampires They bring him back, and then they have some trouble with Alice human best friend, and a mae s great grandaughter, and Jack and Alice s relationship, and peter with Alice, and Milo s new boyfriend, and the Lycan trying to kill them all.I think that this book would have sucked if it wasn t for the characters Alice was a little bit annoying but kind of cool, but Jack was HILARIOUS, Mae seemed all sweet, Milo was adorable, Peter was sexy, and Ezra was all perfect and a little bit sexy as well.So overall, read it if you think you can get past the whole Cliche vampire crap, because the book isn t FULL of it, and it is easy to get past.

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    Well, the author does it again and I just have come to really not like Alice She is a stupid finicky little girl who one minute is going to love ____ 4 ever, but wait a minute, now she is not over _____, oh, but hold on again now she loves _____ UUGGH Fine, I get it, it is the formula that works for books, keep the reader guessing, on the egde of their seat, reading on to see who ends up HEA BUT I dont think the author does a very good job transistioning between the love interests, it feels to forced and makes it appear the author is just trying to stretch the series out I felt this way at the end of the second book and NOW it continues on throughout the whole third book COME ON can Alice make up your freaking mind already I feel like all of womankind is a weaker species because fragile finicky little Alice can t make a decision and stick to it I usually love books that have multiple love interests, but it is just not working here And in the end of the book ______ has to move away to get away from her, because for some reason she is just soooo loveable, and in the next book she is going on vacation to see him What effing ever Read on if you want, but I no longer recommend this series.

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    I have mixed feelings about these books I believe that I may just be out growing YA novels This series is interesting because although I get provoked into annoyance with the heroine, there is something the author has done with the story to have me groan, but keep reading on to at least finish what I have started Hocking has amazing potential as an author, but I believe that education would be beneficial to broaden her vocabulary She has very witty phraseology, but if I must endure another line like words can not describe, or crazy control, or I felt like vomiting, I seriously will have to rethink the reasons as to why I keep reading the damn series Albeit, the storyline flows nicely and it is intriguing, but I know Hocking can do better I will continue to read her work because although she is still young and much to learn, I believe that it will pay off in the long run to keep an eye on her.

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    I felt rather disconnected from most of this story The writing was kind of disjointed and choppy and had a very detached feel The story seemed rather anecdotal at first and didn t really come together very cleanly I m having trouble feeling a real connection to some of these characters, too e.g Mae The characters flip all over the place their behaviors don t seem consistent, so they don t seem very real Jack seemed rather remote for most of the book except the part when he came back after he was mad about the kiss and said the things he said to Alice and another close part with them later in the book Peter is a much interesting character and vastly improved in this book Mae bugs me than I can say And, I just can t stop the ever present vibe of some kind of Bizarro Cullen family situation as I read about Ezra, Mae, etc.Yeah I don t know about these books I can t see it a lot of the time I never really become a part of the world it feels artificial and like I m reading a book most of the time There were some really scary parts at the end, but most of the story was kind of flat The lycans were a scary idea, but again seemed artificial And, why wouldn t everyone clue in to the boat incident sooner At one point Jane who, though drawn like a cartoon character, seems much insightful than anyone else in these books points out how boring Alice and gang and their household are I tend to agree other than a couple of main incidents, which don t flow together well in this story I also don t understand why Alice is concerned that she would kill Jack with the bloodlust thing I don t get the blood issues in these books a lot of the time they make no sense The vampires actually pass out and sleep after they feed Or, is that just Alice If you want to defeat them, let them drink your blood