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For Her Eighteenth Birthday, Alice Bonham Takes A Vacation To Australia Only To Have Her Trip Cut Short By An Unexpected Murder While Alice Tries To Understand What Happened, She Regrets Some Of The Choices She S Made, Especially The Permanent OnesOn Top Of That, The Child Vampire Is Running Loose, And She S Attracting Some Very Unwanted Attention

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    What struck me most about the latest in the My Blood Approves series is the evolution of Alice She is at the heart of Wisdom The title is appropriate for she is growing in it herself Wisdom seemed to me to be a bit deeper than the past three books introspective, with character growth than any other in the series It is clear that Alice has left her teen years behind and is ready to embark on a young woman s life Gone is the angsty feeling that defined her at moments in past novels instead she is developing a better sense of self seeking out her place in the world Making sense of things and making tough choices that reflect a surprising maturity Alice s reflection on her eternity is an eye opener for all the teen girls who would love to be a vampire at least in the romantic vampire type tales here s one that is and gets confronted with the knowledge that it s pretty much a forever thing this is really grounding What are you gonna do when whatever it is will need to sustain you through many lifetimes Mind boggling and something I don t think Alice really saw coming too clearly In fact second thoughts are the flavor of the day for her in Wisdom on than one level The rest of the gang is here as well Ezra is still my favorite I can t say I m too fond of Jack or he and Alice s ongoing relationship I am on Team Peter all the way For as much as Alice grows in Wisdom Jack stays the same I ve a notion that is by design and fate I can t shake the feeling Alice will outgrow him soon if the next novel picks up where this one lets off However it is clear that there is a lot of reflection by her and she makes her choices with full thought and knowledge More secondary characters get screen time here and they are very enjoyable The plot is personal as it center s around the death of one of the characters and the aftermath of that The action scenes were very well written and absorbing There was even one scene where I let out a little shout I was so SHOCKED did not see that coming Fabulous Clearly a writer to watch While the series retains its YA flavor it can be enjoyed by those of any age I, for one, am so grateful to for introducing the Kindle so we could all get to know some great new authors at prices that don t break the bank Ms Hocking is one of them

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    The fourth novel in the My Blood Approves series begins with the tragic death of Alice s best friend, Jane it looks like there is a serial killer on the loose in downtown Minneapolis But is it of the human variety or something with teeth Wisdom is another fantastic read The best thing about it is how much Alice has grown, how strong and independent she s become She s pretty kickass actually I love a heroine who knows how to handle herself.Plot wise, there are lots of truths revealed lots of heartbreak as Mae has to deal with her out of control vampire child lots of action, as Alice hunts down the person who murdered Jane lots of romantic ups and downs but well handled, nothing annoying, all well written and surprising real for a paranormal romance.All and all this is the best of the series and it could even be the end But it is an open ending and I really hope Hocking decides to write about Aliceespecially as her chosen career at the end of the novel would suggest plenty of action packed sequels.Five HUGE Stars

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    dramatic gasp I finally found you on Kindle Let the fanged fuckery continue

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    4.25 stars I picked up this series after reading about how good it was for only 0.99 on the discussion boards where I typically get all my advice for new series I started reading them the week before Flutter was released and I was not disappointed I have really enjoyed following the whole gang through their adventures and transformations Another girl in my office and I were anxiously awaiting Wisdom s release and both started it about the same time I was slightly ahead of her and we were comparing % read on our kindle s all day yesterday I will have to say there were a few things we did figure out, like who Lief was Although there were a couple of other scenes I did not see coming that made me stop and get mad at my book We were also taking bets as to who Alice would pick in the endI won Overall, I was pleased with the way the series endedbut I can see where there could be additional books of Alice s adventures to come

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    I kept skipping pages because I got bored, even Jack couldn t make up for it I really don t have anything to say this time besides I m glad I finished it.

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    Once again, as a Kindle book, this edition had a multitude of errors in the grammar and the omission of words The story was also very predictable as were the other three books It was extremely easy to figure out who Lief was, and even the killer was fairly easy to spot, although the author did try to throw us off.In this book, we have all the character once again united, and as much as I like Jack, there are times when he really irritates me and I think Alice would be much better off with Peter Peter s love for Alice seems solid less wavering, while Jack sometimes acts too childish in his manners and attitude toward her especially when he gets made about something He also makes rash decisions with little to no thought before doing and saying things It is too bad that Alice feels she loves Jack than Peter because I still feel Peter is the right match for her Peter is much grounded as a person and as a vampire, and he would hurt Alice less often than Jack does.On the author s website, she states there is to be a fifth book and I m wondering if it will be of a better quality than the first four, and exactly here she plans on taking Alice in the next book I would be pleased to see the triangle situation between Peter, Alice, and Jack resolved.

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    I found myself utterly enthralled and unable to escape from this series until I had read every last work available With that said I finished all four available books in five days, and I have created a review that wraps them all into one Alice Bonham is a quick witted and desperately honest character that readers will love to follow She keeps that story entertaining yet light enough so that it offers an effortless read When paired up with the mysterious Jack the story will take on mystery and danger that will offer readers even As the mystery begins to bloom into a paranormal romance and suspense that will captivate and intrigue The My Blood Approves series carries an strong since of lust and control throughout every book Action packed and packed full of emotion this series offers a thrill ride that will promise to leave you wanting As the love triangle forms for Jack, Alice and Peter readers will find themselves choosing side for the future of the series Every book carries the intensity of the first, and builds the story taking it to new heights I am excited to find that there is to come and the final book will be releasing in 2012 I look forward to seeing what s to come After the turmoil that transpired over the third and fourth book I was happy to see that things may be slightly releasing for the start of the fifth book While I do love Jack s character I am finding myself in a personal struggle with Alice s choice I love the development of her interests for the future, and can not wait to see what comes of her decision as a Hunter This is a series worth every minute of reading, and the anxiety that it creates I can not wait to get my hands on that next and final book While I hate to see the story come to a close it seems that it is wrapping up nicely.

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    Okay, so in a matter of two days I have read all four currently released books from the My Blood Approves series I cannot say enough good things about these books why I m not too sure I can put my finger on it They draw me in, get me hooked, I want to keep reading to find out what happens, who loves who, who hates who, etc The characters are all liable and you get to know each of them really well Hard to do in a book usually you get a good grasp on one or two characters and then the rest get glossed over This didn t happen You also get connected to each character in different ways I love the triangle between Alice, Jack and Peter At first I was all gun hoe about her and Jack, then after a few books into it I had started second guessing myself and who I personally thought she should would be with And Hocking is such a good writer that she can pull you both ways at once The story itself is not all that new kinda Twilight in it s general feel with the supernatural love triangle, human girl loved by vamp family who is uber hip and rich and cool etc. BUT it s done in a new way with a twist So It doesn t get old or boring to read at all Her spin on Vamps and even Lycans is new in her own right and is interesting to read about All in all I highly recommended this series of books to any one who loves vampires romance sci fy fantasy genres There were a few spelling errors grammatical errors in every book in the Kindle version, but I got over it I will be getting the 5th book as soon as it comes out, and I hope there will be after that A

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    I thoroughly enjoyed the fourth book in the series It has a lot action, a lot character development, and a lot less flip flopping of emotions, which drove me nuts in the third book Alice finally chooses who she wants to be with, and though I was rooting for a different outcome, I m content that she made the right decision I feel like everything she felt for the other characters was less forced down my throat than in previous books, and I think that made the final outcome real and believable There s a lot action in this book, and I love that Alice finally finds some direction in her life, where as before she seemed so slothful and lost that I kind of despised her But she, and all the characters grew throughout the book, and I think that s integral to a great story And the writing has drastically improved Unfortunately it s still marred by typos and poor formatting in the kindle edition, but since Ms Hocking is an independent writer, I m willing to overlook imperfections that don t detract terribly from the story.

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    Loved loved loved