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Don T Miss This Spectacular New Series That Will Steal Your Heart And Haunt Your Dreams, Welcome To Shadow Falls Camp, Nestled Deep In The Woods Of A Town Called Fallen One Night Kylie Galen Finds Herself At The Wrong Party, With The Wrong People, And It Changes Her Life Forever Her Mother Ships Her Off To Shadow Falls A Camp For Troubled Teens, And Within Hours Of Arriving, It Becomes Painfully Clear That Her Fellow Campers Aren T Just Troubled Here At Shadow Falls, Vampires, Werewolves, Shapeshifters, Witches And Fairies Train Side By Side Learning To Harness Their Powers, Control Their Magic And Live In The Normal WorldKylie S Never Felt Normal, But Surely She Doesn T Belong Here With A Bunch Of Paranormal Freaks Either Or Does She They Insist Kylie Is One Of Them, And That She Was Brought Here For A Reason As If Life Wasn T Complicated Enough, Enter Derek And Lucas Derek S A Half Fae Who S Determined To Be Her Boyfriend, And Lucas Is A Smokin Hot Werewolf With Whom Kylie Shares A Secret Past Both Derek And Lucas Couldn T Be Different, But They Both Have A Powerful Hold On Her Heart Even Though Kylie Feels Deeply Uncertain About Everything, One Thing Is Becoming Painfully Clear Shadow Falls Is Exactly Where She Belongs This book doesnt have a love triangle It has a love hyper rectangle I mean the potential love interests throws themselves at the main character wherever she goes.So if youre a die hard Twilight fan this book might be for youThe main character is 16 year old Kylie,her parents are getting a divorce and she keeps seeing this weird figure on her front lawn thats invisible to everyone else but her.To get away from it all she goes to a party that ends badly when the police breaks up the party, with her being arrested because the police who broke up the party found some drugs And then she gets sent off to a camp for troubled teens Troubled teens being an euphemish for troubled supernatural teens.I have to admit I had so many issues with this book.At first I respected Kylie for wanting to save her virginity for someone special,then she let the reader know what happens if you hurry into losing your virginity her friend does You sleep around,start to party hard and wear revealing clothes IT COULD HAPPEN TO YOU So basically the author is saying you can be a madonna or a whoreOoIn the end she got a holier than thou personality I especially like sarcasm how she admits feeling good about listening to other peoples problemsSo the main character is a girl who looks down on girls who arent virgins,take comfort in friends problems and twists her father around her little finger hmm well she sounds so nice And the twitching eyebrow thingywas just so so silly.You have to read it just to understand what I mean.And also the your power is like this but were going to imply that your powers are way different Holiday We dont know what you are Kylie But I see dead people Holiday Youre like me a ghost whisperer Kylie So you do know what kind of supernatural I am Holiday Will you leave me alone if I just nod mysteriously and say no Born at Midnight, a summary KYLIE OMG, my life totally sucks goes to party with alcohol involved PARENTS For that, we re sending you away to a summer camp for troubled teenagers.KYLIE Like, could this get worse KYLIE S FRIEND SARAH OMG, pregnancy scare KYLIE I m, like, so stressed out here All the kids on the bus with me are, like, Goth freaks Don t they, like, know that blue is the new black actual line from the book CAMP DIRECTOR HOLIDAY Welcome everyone.KYLIE I m not a troubled teen HOLIDAY So you bought that story, huh Ha ha, sucker This isn t a camp for troubled teens, this is a camp for supernaturals.KYLIE Like, no way.HOLIDAY Way.KYLIE I sooo don t believe you.HOLIDAY Whatevs Perry, demonstrate Turn into a platypus for me.PERRY turns into platypus KYLIE HOLIDAY And if you re here, that means that you re one of us.OTHER CAMPERS chanting one of us, one of usKYLIE Like, I still don t believe you.HOLIDAY Well, us supernaturals have the ability to read each other s mind, and according to our mind readings on you, you are a supernatural Or you have a brain tumor.KYLIE Like, no way I ll take the tumor thinks about it Actually, on second thoughts Like, I dunno I m, like, super conflicted walks back to cabin MIRANDA AND DELLA Hi, we re your roomies We lurve you just by looking at you, but we hate each other.MIRANDA Bloodsucker.Della Witch Stick out tongues at each other KYLIE I am not a supernatural Goes back to sulking DEREK Hi, I m a very attractive guy who is attracted to you.KYLIE I m still not a supernatural, but you re way hot But, like, my last boyfriend totally broke my heart, so the kiss I m about to give you is a tentative one They make out KYLIE Ugh, I can t do this right now Like, gimme some space.DEREK Kay.LUCAS Hi, I m a very attractive guy who is attracted to you.KYLIE I m still not a supernatural, and that Derek sure seems yummy, but like, so do you I don t know that I should be doing this They make out KYLIE Like, I m not ready for a relationship right now And also, like, no way am I a supernatural Actually I might be Actually, probably not Actually Goes back to cabin to think TREY Hi, I m your very attractive ex boyfriend who is attracted to you Wanna make out.KYLIE aside he broke my heart to TREY Sounds good They make out KYLIE Why did we break up again TREY BTW, I m only here for sex.KYLIE ARG I can t believe you tried to pull that again Like no Get out exit TREY DEREK and LUCAS So who s it gonna be KYLIE I don t know Just lemme think, okay DEREK and LUCAS KayKYLIE What if I m a supernatural This is Born at Midnight in a nutshell You might be thinking that that doesn t sound like much of a plot Or that that s an awful lot of guys for one book Or that Kylie sounds, like, super annoying Or that the dialogue is totally unrealistic and no one, teenager or otherwise, really talks like that.If you re thinking that, you re absolutely correct So many things are wrong with this book that it becomes almost comical, and it might have been funny if I hadn t been wasting hours of my life reading this The first of many problems is Kylie The narrative is from third person, and seems to be modeled after Valley Girl stereotypes a la Clueless s Cher But Cher was created as an extreme, a parody of a caricature in a chick flick Kylie is supposed to lead us through a story, and if a fantasy starts out with us doubting the plausibility of a normal human character, you know trouble lies ahead Along with sounding exaggeratedly false and unrealistic, Kylie is also a huge pain in the rear She s one of those sexy and I know it girls who I just can t relate to, and she s very self focused, as well as judgmental about everyone else around her She s quick to label the kids at her camp as freaks because they have multiple piercings or colorful hair The kids at my high school, popular crowd included, often have nose cartilage piercings and or colored hair, and yes, even in the twenty first century, there s still a crowd that dresses in all black It could just be where I live, but I m pretty sure it s not that uncommon, especially among teenagers Kylie acts like she s never been exposed to the world before The other characters, particularly Derek and Lucas, were just as unbelievable Derek s the kind, sweet, understanding love interest and Lucas is the egotistical player, but they re practically interchangeable Kylie gets all hot and bothered whenever one of them is in a twenty feet radius of her, and even though she s not ready for a relationship or sex or anything, she can t seem to stop herself from making out with one of them every time they re in her line of vision BTW, the writing for the make out scenes was borderline ridiculous At one point CC Hunter was describing the hardness of Kylie s nipples Too much information, bro Derek and Lucas were essentially just boy toys, there to kiss her or comfort her when she needed it, but they didn t really contribute to the plot or story.Not that there was much to contribute to Born at Midnight is basically four hundred pages of infodumping about supernaturals and Kylie moaning and groaning about boy problems, home problems and identity problems Towards the end, there s the semblance of a climax, but by that point I had started skimming and none of it made a lick of sense.Remember that book about kids sent to a summer camp for demigods The one that blossomed into a five book series full of humor and fabulous adventure Well, Born at Midnight is no Percy Jackson Camp Half Blood is almost as cool as Hogwarts, but Shadow Falls is flat and boring There s no archery, no centaurs, no awesome cabins or Capture the Flags The only camp activities ever described were campfires and what was essentially a dating service, where guys have to draw a girl s name and talk to her for an hour Really It s just a ploy for Kylie to talk to Derek Lucas My only exposure to summer camps have been at the local Christian camp, where guys and girls are not encouraged to go hang out alone together, but maybe this is acceptable at other camps But between the dating services and the lax if existent rules about guys in girls cabins, the camp seemed pretty unrealistic to me Really, the only reason it s a camp is because the author wanted to get the parents out of the way and not have her characters deal with school Other than that, Shadow Falls has no real place in the book, and it fell flat as anything than a plot device for getting a bunch of supernaturals together.I dunno Honestly, I was hoping for something fun and adventurous, like the Percy Jackson books, but what I got was four hundred pages of failure sealed with a rather lovely purple cover This is one of the weakest paranormal books I ve read in a while, and that s really sad, considering it s coming in last to the likes of Hush, Hush and Fallen Don t be fooled by the cover or the blurb look at it, pick it up, sigh a little and then set it gently back down on the shelf And then go reread the Percy Jackson or Harry Potter books Even if it s your third or fourth or eighty second time through the series, they re still much satisfying than Born at Midnight. A couple of years ago I went with my friends to see the movie Sinister it had become sort of a tradition of ours to go out all together maybe once a month and see whatever shitty scary movie was playing at the cinema We ve seen some terrible ones and some surprisingly good ones, and I think the worst was probably Sinister Towards the end, as scary movies often do, it got ridiculous, and we were screaming with laughter at the little kids in the hallway and the bad mask and the CGI andI m crying thinking about it.My friend leans over to me at this point and whispers, There s no redeeming this, and I laughed so hard I nearly shit my pants And it speaks beautifully of my experience with this book there s no redeeming it, not even if it makes you laugh, which it probably won t.Because there s nothing funny about it, is there There s nothing funny about a heroine who refers to another character as a screw toy How is that entertainment How is anybody entertained by that sort of ugly, problematic, misogynistic language Do you think it s okay to call another woman a screw toy Do you really I can t even comment on the fantasy elements of this book They were background to me I just felt like I was being clobbered over the head, over and over and over again, by this grotesque sexist rhetoric Apparently our heroine is a good girl because she s a virgin and her best friend gave it away so she deserves what she gets Of course, Best Friend gets a pregnancy scare and she deeply regrets sex because it changed her, oh, no Kylie also doesn t drink, which means she s an extra good girl So let s break this down I wish I could make tables on GR.Kylie doesn t drink, virgin, white, straight, cisgender Affluent.Best Friend I can t even remember her name drinks, not a virgin, white, straight, cisgender, affluent.The difference between them is their sexual status and their attitudes to alcohol So let s look at the outcomes Kylie Magical Chosen One Falls in love with a sexy magical creature who respects her boundaries In fact, all the boys are in love with her, but none of them touch her.Best Friend Has a pregnancy scare Cries over her virginity Mistreated by boys Single It s a perfect Madonna Whore dichotomy Kylie is our Madonna, and because of her sexual status and her rejecting alcohol, boys flock to her, but they re good boys who will never ever have sex with her and who ll whisper sweet nothings in her ear They ll say things like I m sorry I m so fucked up and when she cries they ll kiss away her tears and it ll be so beautiful.Best Friend is the Whore the one who gave it away Her sexual status and her attitudes to alcohol mean that she hasn t got a hope of being wanted by any boy who ll treat her kindly Her sex wrecked her, thus she s deserving of Kylie s disgust In fact, there s an aura of disgust and well, that s what happens surrounding Best Friend But it s made clear that Kylie warned Best Friend not to give it away And what did Best Friend do She did it Well, Kylie told her so It s not necessarily about the act of sex itself it s about blame Kylie is innocent, because she s a virgin She without sin will cast the first stone and the stone will hit Best Friend There s a very, very strong undercurrent of I told you so particularly because of the pregnancy scare But that blame goes far beyond teenage pregnancy the vast majority of which is caused, quite ironically, by ignorance towards sex, which this book strongly promotes and it spills into rape culture That s what slut shaming is all about I told you so everyone will say, if a boy at a party or at college or in a club rapes Best Friend Everyone will say it s a shame but there s always a footnote of but she was drinking or to be fair, she s not exactly a virgin That s what it comes down to The dichotomy is not necessarily about some flippant consensual sex someone had, but about what our attitudes would be toward rape If someone rapes Kylie, then the world drowns in tears for the loss of innocence alas, this does not save Kylie from being dubbed broken or from having some male character charge off to seek revenge for her, thus advancing his own character development I can t even count how many female character s rapes have existed only to advance the character development of a man But if someone rapes Best Friend, we ve already established a culture of blame around her Her skirt was too short, or she was drunk, or let s be honest, I mean, she was always a reckless girl, wasn t she Rape, blame and worth are all tied up in the sexism that this book screams like a foghorn The women in this book exist on a staircase of worth virginal Kylie stands on the top step, and the partying girls are clustered at the very bottom It s like XVI, where the Best Friend of that book was raped and murdered, and the grandmother or whatever says, Well, she always wore such a short skirt Worth is not a scale with which to measure human beings Worth does not exist, because worth is not part of the equation At no point should any human being s worth even be debated, because no body deserves to be hurt or shamed any than any other This is what makes screw toy so unbelievably problematic that one should label another human being as if they weren t one Screw toy is pure dehumanization Dehumanization is the root of all violence, be it verbal, physical or sexual This book deserves no stars It makes me feel physically sick to think about it To think that it got a higher rating than Mockingjay, which, although quite a letdown, tackled incredibly important themes such as war, dehumanization, slavery, PTSD, class and poverty Even Unwind, which so deftly discussed the fault in human worth , the ways in which our social system fails our youth, generation gaps, and the horrific outcomes of forced pregnancy, is only.04 of a star higher than this book For fuck s sake, why People will like what they like Books are there to be enjoyed But this book is a manifesto of misogyny and hatred This book is appalling bad I was going to lighten the mood with an Adore Delano GIF, but I don t want to associate her and the joy she brings me with this book in any way So this is it a sombre wall of text FIN Oh yeah, this is what I call an entertaining book.I don t have a deep quote to share with you all, for the simple reason that this is a light, colourful and diverting story It didn t blow my mind, didn t take my breath away or sweep me off my feet, but it sure as hell took away my boredom for a good nine hours And this is what I wanted and needed, so I m fully ish satisfied.Kylie can see ghosts They follow her everywhere and she doesn t know how to control this gift she has After her parent s divorce, her mom decides to send her to a camp for delinquents Except, when she gets there, she realizes that Shadow Falls camp is way than she expected, with vampires, fairies, werewolves and healers roaming around the place Luckily, she befriends Della and Miranda, both of whom try to help her feel like she belongs and finding out what she is.Oh, and there s Lucas and Derek a werewolf and a fairy who are deeply attached to her.I know what you re going to say Another love triangle Like we need any in teen literature And you re right, we don t We already have too many of them True, true, true But you know why it didn t annoy me to death Because it s the type of love triangle that s complex and makes you think.So far, we don t know the two boys well enough to decide who is best for Kylie and, also, I feel like there s a mystery behind Derek s life that the author will be developing in the sequels There sure could have been less romance, but when you have two love interests it s hard not to have a considerable amount of romance The writing could have been better, too I said that the book is light and greatly enjoyable, and I m not going to go back on my word, but maybe another reason to that is because the writing is full of everyday commonly used words It reads so naturally and well so, in the end, it didn t bother me, but I must admit it makes some events lack the seriousness that could have been so easy to create and apply to the atmosphere Also, there are two camp leaders at the Shadow Falls camp, Sky and Holiday, but those too lack seriousness as well They feel like campers themselves than bosses Holiday talks to Kylie like she is one of her friends and she even uses the type of vocabulary you would expect a teenager to use Despite certain flaws, I m going to say this one last time ENGAGING READ THAT WILL CHARM YOU.