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The New York Times Bestselling Mortal Instruments Continues And So Do The Thrills And Danger For Jace, Clary, And SimonWhat Price Is Too High To Pay, Even For Love When Jace And Clary Meet Again, Clary Is Horrified To Discover That The Demon Lilith S Magic Has Bound Her Beloved Jace Together With Her Evil Brother Sebastian, And That Jace Has Become A Servant Of Evil The Clave Is Out To Destroy Sebastian, But There Is No Way To Harm One Boy Without Destroying The Other As Alec, Magnus, Simon, And Isabelle Wheedle And Bargain With Seelies, Demons, And The Merciless Iron Sisters To Try To Save Jace, Clary Plays A Dangerous Game Of Her Own The Price Of Losing Is Not Just Her Own Life, But Jace S Soul She S Willing To Do Anything For Jace, But Can She Still Trust Him Or Is He Truly Lost Love Blood Betrayal Revenge Darkness Threatens To Claim The Shadowhunters In The Harrowing Fifth Book Of The Mortal Instruments Series

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    Stick a fork in me, I m done.This book couldn t make less sense if it were written in elvish, and I know that some people actually understand that as in, they re about as hardcore about Tolkien as I am about French bread but that s the whole point this book is a clusterfuck unless you ve spent an exorbitant number of hours poring over the characters and their histories and their family trees and the mythology of this world, and let s face it, that s impossible Impossible, because this is Cassandra Clare we re talking about She is so inconsistent, she s basically the human embodiment of a 90 s sitcom The synopsis makes about as much sense as the ingredients of shampoo, so you re blundering through the dark when you turn the first page By the time the plot manifests itself, it s fucking impossible to care This book will make you feel like a sociopath That s how dead you ll be inside.If you know anything about me, you know I loved the first three books in the Mortal Instruments series I absolutely loved them They re not great literature they re not ingeniously plotted or poetically written but they re just so much fun They re outrageously hilarious, fast moving, easy to follow and really They took me on an adventure A good, old fashioned, magical adventure City of Fallen Angels, however, was like standing at the bus stop in the rain and getting shat on by a pigeon Cosmically unfair I don t understand how Cassandra Clare, who d written the first trilogy with such heart, could then suddenly morph out of all recognition and just stop giving a single fuck It just doesn t make sense Ghost writer Loss of inspiration These theories make sense with the release of City of Lost Souls It s not the worst of the series I d give that honor to COFA but it s pretty darn bad And it pains me even than Kegels to say that That COLS was just awful.For starters, where was the plot I sat down for a good while after I d finished this book and tried to come up with a short synopsis of what this book was about I got nothing Because it s not one solid plot, but a lot of complicated and awkward situations kind of tied together at the ends, filled with OOC behavior and fade to black sex scenes and whining Endless, endless whining.Clary was probably the worst part of this book for me She was like the Daphne of the whole mission, constantly getting herself captured yes getting herself captured This is not victim blaming, people She literally walks into the clutches of the villain and asks to be captured I m not exaggerating and concerning herself with the most menial things, like the shape of a dress or the boats in Venice, when she ought to be saving the world or doing something else that a kangaroo would be better qualified for She s so fucking incompetent and I can t believe that Shadowhunter civilization ceaselessly places its hopes on the shoulders of such a nincompoop These people are meant to be professionals but they act like stoners.Yet I hesitate to complain Clary is just insufferably stupid, but she doesn t sit on her ass and do nothing In comparison to the Bellas or Luces or Bethanys out there, and in Olympic high bar terms, she s the Fabian Hambuchen to their Kohei Uchimura She s no better or worse, but at least she has the good grace to shave her armpits before competition.It s not as if her relationship with Jace is even anything to write home about As creepy and incestuous as it seemed in the first two and a half books, it was then that I rooted for them the most I mean, come on These books are fluff Magical fluff They d never explore anything as serious as GSA with any kind of depth or insight We all knew from the moment Jace said, Leia, I am your brother that they weren t really siblings It was fucking obvious, and it was for this reason that I gave in to enjoying them and at the end of City of Glass when they were finally and properly together, was on the verge of crying tears of fangirl joy.Now They re a snore They re about as interesting as a piece of wax paper, but that s not to say they re the flattest souffl in the baking tray Maia and Jordan are particularly problematic as a couple On Tumblr, Cassandra Clare seems committed to writing healthy relationships and frequently defends her plot and character decisions with good, solid blog posts that generally allow me to better understand the thinking behind the decisions she makes.There have been no such posts about Maia and Jordan The way I saw Maia and Jordan s relationship was that Maia s life had been ruined by what was clearly a metaphor for dating violence, but strong as she was, she managed to champion that, move on and become stronger But after COFA, Maia is back with Jordan Yes the boy who attacked her and ruined her life by turning her into a creature of the night How is this okay I don t understand what Clare was getting at with this plot thread Was it simply a desire to pair everyone off Because if it was I d rather Maia had been with Simon That was what I assumed at the end of COG Either that, or she ended up alone, which would have been even better.But this problematic palming off of dating violence aside, Maia and Jordan s constant sexcapades just did nothing to push forward the plotline of this book Cut out Jordan, who in my eyes will always be the boy who attacked Maia the fact that he was out of control doesn t excuse it only makes it worse How many times might he lose control in the future and ruined her life, and Maia could have merged with the main group and become a protagonist, not just a punctuation point.Nah She s just thrown back at her abusive boyfriend, because love trumps all, yay Fuck off Probably the most agonizing part of this ordeal was Alec and Magnus, and let me put this into perspective Alec and Magnus, to me, were what Bella and Edward were to Twihards They were justamazing Their love was so pure But that s not even it As separate characters, they were my favorites in the entire series Alec, in particular, I adored He was so awkward and shy, protective and genuine, calm and sincere He and Magnus, with such different personalities, just gelled together perfectly.But then along came City of Fallen Angels and everything went to shit It was disheartening, to say the least, when this new and blindingly irritating Alec surfaced at the end of COFA He underwent a total personality transplant, and I wonder if perhaps it was a marketing tactic The fanbase for Alec and Magnus is probably just as big, if not bigger, than the fanbase for Clary and Jace It seems as if Alec and Magnus have been destroyed and turned into another Bethany and Xavier to shift the love of their fandom over to Clary and Jace who are, of course, the unbreakable power couple.I m just so mad about this The whole thing only got worse in City of Lost Souls Theoretically, Alec should be totally irredeemable for what he considered doing to Magnus But when I was reading COB, the Alec I fell in blind love with then would never have done what the COLS Alec did to Magnus They simply aren t the same character He would never shorten someone s life without their knowledge, and for his own gain He would never seek relationship advice from an obviously evil vampire He would, however, have stood on that hill and used his archery mojo to protect his friends And it was those brief little glimmers of Alec ness that hurt the most I don tI can t It would be so easy to hate Alec, but I can t My feelings are a force far greater than I And a million little paper cuts was so fucking beautiful Ok, I need to pull myself together.The plot was all over the place, as aforementioned I had to flip back pages and re read paragraphs over and over just to understand why the fuck they were summoning the demon and then the angel and what have you, and I was sure, throughout all of it that to get their answers they probably could have just asked someone, maybe an adult who isn t made of straw And the thing with the faerie rings I m not even going to go there Clary, the ring moulded to your finger That s specifically how it works If it moulded into a perfect snug fit for your finger, why the hell would it fall off How have you not already had a piano fall on you Raphael, why are you still trying to kill Simon Why does that matter Maureen, why did you kill Camille You wanted her dead, but to what end Why And why were you even a character in this book in the first place Camille, why are you still sniffing around Magnus when he is clearly in a serious relationship Why are you suddenly game to help Shadowhunters when you ve shown absolutely no interest in doing so before Magnus, if you were thinking about taking away your own immortality way back in COG, why did you not tell Alec Why have you gotten so boring Where are all your hijinks Alec, what the fuck happened to you Jace, why are you even still alive And could you BE any Edward Cullen, now that you sparkle Why does everything always have to happen to you, like you re the most important person in the world Truth is, you re boring Very boring I have no interest in you any But for some reason everything important has to surround you, everyone has to want you for their evil schemes, and you get captured frequently than Clary What gives Sebastian, give it up You re nothing but a wedge engineered to come between Clary and Jace, who apparently don t really care that you tried to rape Clary You literally pinned her down on the floor, and yet neither Clary or Jace are at all fussed about it Jace, in particular, is impassive, even when he comes back to being himself post possession I get that Clary is angry, but her anger feels half hearted, which seems bizarre after she was victimized in such a terrifying way I abhor the people who say that Clary ought to have learned or grown from the attack it is not the victim s responsibility to learn and grow because being pinned down and almost sexually assaulted is not a fucking rite of passage, but I feel as if the whole issue was somewhat glossed over The thing I find most problematic, as I mentioned before, is how little Clary and Jace seem to care It s no one s right to say what a victim s reaction to rape ought to be, and another thing really bothering me about the general reaction to this scene is the volumes of people crying, How could she kiss Jace after she was almost raped She should have not wanted to touch another man That s just not how it works You cannot possibly say what is or what is not the right reaction to rape BUT Having said that, any reaction would have left of an impression on the reader, and would have highlighted the attempted rape as something than a flippant plot device The scene didn t anger me Sebastian s actions were in no way condoned and Clary was never blamed as a victim which is an unfortunately common trope when it comes to rape in fantasy settings , but I just feel as if the whole thing was an afterthought And kind of glossed over.The writing was enjoyable, smooth and fun to read, and as usual the setting throbbed with life, like another character in the cast There were also a few lovely funny moments, some great dialogue, nice mythology moments, engaging fight scenes and despite the book s lower points, it kept me hooked consistently from the first page to the last You know what I wish I wish the Mortal Instruments had ended back at City of Glass, and this second TMI trilogy had been replaced with the new one, The Dark Artifices I think we re or less over the characters in this corner of the Shadowhunter universe Sure, I d have missed them bitterly, but the fresh LA crew probably would have remedied that.Oy vey Where there s money to be made, there s someone who ll make it Capitalism is swell.

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    Here s the deal. this book was SLOW TO THE BONE, but the end result was worth the SLOWNESS It just took forever and a day to get to the really interesting parts I definitely liked this a lot than City of Fallen Angels I ll admit though after reading TID, nothing will compare to the beautifulness of that trilogy.

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    Beware of spoilers I didn t see a point to this book Clare really should have ended her series at City of Glass We all know that Well, all of us who are not fans of Clare s work However, since this book was 534 freaking pages, I figured that I should talk about a few things.ClaceSo these two are one person I honestly don t see them as two separate characters sometimes because they are so similar and shitty We never really get to experience these characters as themselves, rather they are always together However, for now let s separate these two just to save us all from the confusion.CoFA and CoLS were all about Jace I don t even think Clary should have been the protagonist in these books Jace and his luscious golden hair, smooth skin, and amber eyes I mean, three books clearly weren t enough to describe his heavenly features I m sure the readers are fully aware of his physical features by now So this whole real Jace evil Jace concept was confusing the hell out of me The evil Jace wasn t even evil In fact, I thought the evil Jace was the real one Because he was a piece of shit He would make those incredibly Jace like haughty remarks about how perfect and desirable he was Jace would not survive in the real world with that arrogant attitude, which is why he s fictional Thank God Anyway, I don t get it All those times they cut each other open with their bare hands made out, Clace was like, Oh, that wasn t the real Jace Oh, I didn t want our first time to go like this because I m not the real Jace And this one time when they were finally about to have sex, but they didn t because they needed to whine and moan I m jealous.Of who Myself I hate the thought of him being with you The other me The one Sebastian controls.That s such terrible, ugly writing I am so sick of Clace I am so sick of Jace being overly proud of himself I am so sick of Clary practically worshiping Jace and finding every excuse to justify his shitty behavior and actions Their scenes are so terribly written There are pages of them talking about how they would do anything for each other How they love each other Pages of their cringey romance By the way, I wasn t kidding when I said they wanted to cut each other open with their bare hands Don t believe me He kissed her harder and she clutched his shoulders as he sucked her bottom lip into his mouth and bit down on it, sending a shock of pleasure mixed with pain through her body She squirmed to get closer to him and felt his breath quicken she could taste blood in her mouth, salt and hot It was as if they wanted to cut each other apart, she thought, to climb inside each other and breathe each other s breath and share each other s heartbeats, even if it killed them both There was blood under her nails where she had clawed his back.Just terribly written and overdone Also, read this sentence A soft explosion went off in her head, like a dull firework of rage.In Clare s mind, explosions are soft and fireworks are dull.

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    More reviews at The Teen Bookworm City of Lost Souls took a while to digest All night I could feel it in my gut like deadweight All the subplots and characters and relationships and the fact that so much was going on made this book hard to break down.But, finally, I woke up this morning and it all made sense So, seeing as the book has been split into separate filing cabinets in my brain, I m going to replicate that onto this review The Good I felt that Lost Souls was compulsively readable than the other installments in the series With all of the other books, I frequently found myself banging my head against the wall skimming debating microwaving an owl With this installment, I found myself wanting to keep reading Lost Souls had a lot substance than the other books, which were stuffed with boring, meaningless conversation Even though the book is a whopping 536 pages Clare s second longest book yet, Glass being the longest , it never lets go of you.I also appreciate how Clare didn t end the book with a tremendous, soul shocking cliffhanger that makes you want to steal Clare s laptop to get a glimpse of the final book in the series The end does make you want to read the next one, just not in a way that ll make you dread the long, long wait until March 14 Yes, that s twenty two months of waiting I don t know how I m going to wait that long.Another thing I love about The Mortal Instruments is how there are so many characters that you can fall in love with My favorite couple in the books is Isabelle and Simon They re my two favorite characters in the book, and they re totally meant for each other 3 Clare writes their relationship very well Even though Simon is a vampire, he feels like one of the most human characters in the book He feels than any of the other characters, and he isn t blind sided by love Izzy is his perfect match I can t wait for their relationship to develop in the last book Another relationship I love is Alec Magnus I love gay characters in YA, because I m all for LGBTQ type stuff, and Clare writes them really well Alec is another of those really fleshed out characters Clare wrote And Magnus sigh Who doesn t love glitter and sequins and scarves Magnus is definitely the most fun character in the novels He makes the books fun to read Clare writes sarcasm and wit really well I would find some awesome quotes, but I don t feel like it, honestly.Overall, Lost Souls is a vast improvement over Fallen Angels, except for one major thingThe Bad Clary Fray Oh my GOODNESS, woman You need to realize that there are things in the world than Jace Lightwood Herondale Morgenstern One scene in the book had me wanting to shove her head into an oven view spoiler Yeah, you know the one I m talking about when she yells for Sebastian when Jace is contemplating turning himself in Did it piss you off as much as it did me hide spoiler

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    Where I was disappointed with City of Fallen Angels , City of Lost Souls definitely made up for it I m glad that I didn t hang it up after the last book and kept pushing forward with the series This fifth book was full of action and suspense This time around, Jace is under the influence of Sebastian, the guy we all love to hate Clary is kind of along for the ride, hoping she can break through to Jace Meanwhile, Sebastian just keeps getting creepier and creepier For the most part, Jace seems lost He s kind of like Sebastian s Stepford wife groupie He seems entirely possessed with his adoration of all things Sebastian It takes bromance to a whole new level.However, being the diehard that she is, Clary refuses to give up on Jace She focuses on the brief moments of clarity that he has in the midst of his mental enslavement She knows that the real Jace is still in the shell that he is now.Meanwhile, back at camp good , Simon, Magnus, Alec and all of the others, work on a way to fire Jace There is plenty of action taking place on that front as well Simon seems to be patching up his romantic relationship, while Alec seems to be wreaking havoc in his.I don t want to give too much away, but I will say that I enjoyed the time with Jace and Clary Finally, they get to spend some time togethereven if it isn t always the real Jace It may have taken five books, but things finally heat up between the two.Overall, this was another great book in the series Things have definitely picked up and I m mentally preparing for the good vs evil showdown that is bound to happen in the final book I ll be starting the sixth, and final, book immediately.

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    Alec sigh Gurl, we need to talk No, you know what This is not your fault This is the author s fault Before I go on I should say MAJOR FUCKING SPOILERS So, I briefly decided posting a full review where I was going to talk about the series as a whole and all the characters that had these little aborted attempts at plot points But I think it s time to come clean and confess that somewhere between here and the last book everyone else with the possible exception of Izzy and Simon bore the heck out of me now All the characters have gotten as bland as the unsticky side of a band aid Seriously I just can t pretend to care about them any Why do these new books exist Why is there so little plot Cassy Clare, I am so confused These books are boring as hell.So I m swallowing my pride I m getting real And while Izzy and Simon s story line was cute enough, the thing that kept me flipping pages again and again was finding out what happened to Alec and Magnus Lame, I know, but at this point if we can all admit to actually reading these books I figure there s not a whole lot of room for pride In the original books their story line was something of a little treat for me to savor on the side and I wanted to find out what would happen this time around for them.Unfortunately it seems that I don t even have this tidbit to look foreword to any Seriously, no joke What in the hell happened to this character Lazy writing no longer covers it In fact it s beginning to smell a whole lot like author revenge here Maybe this is what happens when she has to stop stealing from other authors and has to rely on her own imagination Alec and Magnus are still going through the same old shit as last time You re immortal I m not Waaaaahhhh But wait Enter a sexy vampire vixen who claims to have the answer So after whining, Alec decides to go off and beat the answer out of her And when I say beat, I to mean beat The first thing Alec and Camille do after meeting is fight It was actually kind of gratifying in a way to see Alec back in action again But alas she has no cure The solution Take away Magnus s immortality image error

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    Alright, you guys were right This one was slightly better than book 4, so I m expecting big and amazing things from book 6

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    sobs May 2012 May 2012 sobs some This cannot be Really It s like.too long Too, too long I NEEEEEEEEEEED THIS BOOK How can Cassandra Clare do this to me ahh, I mean us I need this book, like yesterday I don t know how I m going to wait this long sobs, wails, bawls some ..

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    1 City of Bones 2 City of Ashes 3 City of Glass 1 Clockwork Angel 4 City of Fallen Angels 2 Clockwork Prince But Heaven will not help you you know that as well as I That is why men summon demons and not angels, is it not Yeah, this is easily my favorite book in The Mortal Instruments, so far I think one of the biggest reasons I enjoyed City of Lost Souls so much was because it is told through so many of the side character s point of view, some of which we have never seen before Also, a vast majority is told through Simon s perspective which is all I truly want anyways I also actually thought this book had good twists and turns, too I was impressed so many times while reading, and I truly never wanted to put this 500 page book down, which says something all on its own Like, I see some reviews saying that this book was slow, but I didn t feel like that at all And like did these people read the mess that is City of Fallen Angels Lord, help me Okay, my review is going to touch on a couple key things that happened in this book and things that have happened in previous books, so please use caution reading the rest of this review if you have not read this book and its predecessors And as always, I m going to do a little mini character breakdown on my thoughts and feelings on all the main characters in this book Jace I still very much dislike Jace, but he was a bit bearable in this book Probably because he was barely in it, and when he was he was being halfway possessed or whatever Clary Clary was actually the one to annoy me in this book Especially after reading about Tessa Clary is just not that great of a character And so many of the choices she made in this book were beyond questionable I get that she loves Jace, but the world is a lot bigger than Jace Herondale, Lightwood, Morgenstern, Voldemort, what the fuck ever he wants to be called Simon Simon is my second favorite character in all things Shadowhunters, I think I know he messed up big in City of Fallen Angels, and I will call him out for it all day long, but he really had a pure and sweet redemption arc in this, that I think was handled very healthily and very realistically And my otp are living their best lives Bless Okay I ve got a good one Simon stroked Isabelle s hair, feeling her lashes flutter against his neck as she closed her eyes A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away Isabelle Here is the real tea I think Izzy is my favorite character in this entire universe Like, every book I fall and in love with her And in City of Lost Souls, seeing her learn what it means to be vulnerable and that it is okay friends, I have a lot of feelings And seeing her finally take down her walls and give her heart away to someone who she deems as worthy More beautiful than words Magnus I love this character so much Him realizing his worth and value at the end of this book It meant everything to me I feel like Alec has constantly been treating him like shit, honestly But he went way too far in this one, and I m so happy that Magnus realized he didn t deserve that kind of abuse Even though I know they are totally going to get back together, let s be real But this time it will be on equal ground Oh, and I want to know everything about his father immediately Alec This is actually the first book that I didn t hate or borderline hate Alec, which is funny because he almost did a hella bad thing in this book But I think it s because Cassie opened up the storylines and allowed us to see behind the eyes of some of the side characters in this book And I think that very much benefitted Alec Luke I always and forever will love Luke and his unconditional love towards so many characters in this world But Jocelyn Jocelyn was highkey annoying as hell in this book Like, I get she s upset that she birthed a demon or whatever, but hearing her talk about wishing to kill her baby in the crib and stuff really wasn t enjoyable to read And like, she always tries to be so strict, after just being so lenient I don t know, I just really didn t like her in this book Aline I said in my review for City of Glass, Is this a new queer and Asian character because your girl was hyped And then she comes into this book in a f f relationship The blessing Wow How perfect Maia Jordan I will talk about them below, but they were one of the things I disliked most about this book Miss me with abuse apologist storylines forever, please Of course, not thinking about the ex boyfriend who had broken your heart and turned you into a werewolf was a lot easier when he wasn t standing right in front of you, wearing a green shirt that hugged his leanly muscled body in all the right places and brought out the hazel color of his eyes Seelie Queen Still one of my favorites, but Clary still playing with fire I need so much from her and her court The Fair Folk are an old people we do not make hasty decisions but first wait to see in what direction the wind blows Camille I don t believe it for a second Maureen But if true damn, girl Sebastian Like, I honestly did like him as a character until he got all unnecessarily incestuous But I love his motive, I love him coming back from the dead, and I loved this magical, moving apartment Again, I think he s a really strong villain who made me really think about his motives, until the end when shit just got gross You know he doesn t remember any of it, right Did he show you a good time, at least Because I would have She tasted bile in her throat You re my brother Those words don t mean anything where we re concerned We aren t human Okay, I really didn t want to write this paragraph, but I feel like I have to The one thing that really bothered me about this book is Cassie Clare s constant use of incest as a threat and or just as a storyline I thought finally, after City of Glass, we were past this, but now with Sebastian coming back, she just doubled down on the incest Even in Clockwork Prince I felt like the Tessa going undercover to trick Nate and pretend to be his lover and was gross and unnecessary But City of Lost Souls is the worst use of incest angst yet And I still feel really gross about the things that Clary did with Jace while Sebastian was in control or whatever I mean, on top of the fact that he actually attempts to rape her, too Friends, it s a hot mess A really gross, skeezy, uncomfortable hot mess There are worse things than dying, he said And I will do them all to you, little sister, once you ve drunk from the Cup And you will like it The only other thing that really bothered me was actually the main reason I one starred City of Fallen Angels Maia and Jordan are a romance I will never get behind And in City of Lost Souls their relationship is really magnified Abuse apologists storylines need to be canceled, and they are never okay not in 2018 and not back in 2010 I m not here for a Jordan redemption arc and I never will be And this book really put the band aid on everything Maia was forced to go through, but Jordan is so hot and looks so good in tight shirts how could she resist all that good sex from the hands of her abuser And I felt like he even forced her into a relationship, since he refused to be her friend ONLY something Brb, throwing up forever You won t be my friend I won t be just your friend I love you, Maia I m in love with you I always have been I always will be Just being your friend would kill me Overall and besides those two things , I really enjoyed this book and I found it actually difficult to put down I also believe that this is Cassandra Clare s best written work yet The style just felt so much cohesive and the story felt so much compelling This was also the first book that felt like it had a lot of plot and intricate things happening constantly And there were so many small nods at Clockwork Prince that warmed my heart so very much Friends, this was really fun book to read, but I can t wait to probably, based on all your reactions get my heart shattered with Clockwork PrincessBlog Instagram Twitter Tumblr Youtube TwitchContent and trigger warnings for sexual content, incestuous storylines, assault, attempted rape, abandonment, abuse, parental abuse, murder, death, violence, gore, blood depiction, self harm, and war themes.

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    Update 12 05 21, finished reading Wow Absolutely wow Spectacular City of Heavenly Fire, I m coming for youBefore reading CoLS and this applies to CoHF as well How Am I Supposed To Wait A Whole Year For This One I want it so badly, right now If and it s not very likely to happen, but IF the world ends in 2012, and this one has not come out, then I ll be so pissed that even the zombies, or demons, or Mother Nature, whatever, will shit their pants in fear of me I ll be THAT pissed You better watch your sorry ass if you plan to end the world for me before I ve had a chance to read this book.I, for one, think it s going to end in some supernatural way Either it s zombies which I probably fear the most, since I m shit scared of zombies or it s demons Pick one Yes, it probably sounds very weird that I m sickly scared of zombies, but they d still shit their pants if they decided to end the world before I got to read City of Lost Souls Hm, ain t that confusing Let s see it like this I m scared of them now, but if you get me pissed enough then you better start running.2012 01 05Oh My Fucking God THAT COVER IS EPIC Okay, so I still don t picture Clary like that and it s the same for City of Fallen Angels obviously, since it s the same model , but Jace oh, Jace he is something special, isn t he Lovely D Yes, I like it if only a bit rougher around the edges, then I d be perfectly happy D Bu awesome D