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I liked this book, but I m not really into the m m f so it only gets 3 stars It was a super quick read but it didn t have too much of a back story so I was kinda confused as to the abilities that some of the characters possessed until latter in the book, it is my first book by Eliza Gayle but I liked it enough to see from her Nissa has spent her life in hiding from her royal family for fear of her half human half fae blood She hopes to be a hunter one day, but all of that is cut short when she goes into heat early and is sold as a sex slave to the highest bidders Her magic is unstable but she invokes a portal to the human realm to escape, but her heat is driving her crazy and she needs a man or two to bring her relief.Having run, her owners take chase with little success Roane and Erik have been hunters together for a long time as well as occasional lovers They are drawn to Nissa and want to retrieve her before another male gets her or even her evil cousin With the help of a witch and Nissa s mother, they track her down in the human realm and start living all their dreams of finding a fae woman who can complete them all.Nissa agrees to a week of slavery to the men in exchange that if she is not in love, she gets her freedom, but these two have no plans of letting her go They have sex over and over in so many ways that leave you wet and wanting Unfortunately the suspense to the story felt weak and rushed Somethings happen and then its over making you wonder why or even how What s up with Nissa s mom helping them I just didn t get her motivation.This was mostly a fun, hot read, but lost me at the suspense level of the story as I was confused at times of what was possible in this new world created Overall, I enjoyed it for the sex and would curl up with another if this was a serieswhich it isn t This review was originally posted on Delighted Reader Living In Exile With Her Mother, Nissa A Half Human Half Fae, Trains With The Hope To One Day Become A Hunter When She Goes Into Her First Sexual Heat Six Years Too Soon, She Is Kidnapped And Sold To The Highest Bidder At The Slave Auction Unwilling To Give Up Her Freedom For Slavery, Even If It Is To Two Rugged And Virile Hunters, She Takes Desperate Steps To Escape.She Should Have Known She Couldn T Outrun The Inevitable.Roane And Erik Have Shared Everything In Life And Plan For Nissa To Be No Exception The Steely Innocence They Recognize In Her Matches Up To Everything They Ve Been Looking For Purchasing Her At Auction Should Have Sealed The Deal, But Neither Of Them Bargained On Her Ruthless Determination Or The Secret She Harbored.Forced To Face Her Weakness, Nissa Agrees To A Bargain Seven Days And Nights Of Total Submission, No Questions Asked And Freedom Is Hers Nissa Is Certain In The End She Will Want To Leave And Roane And Erik Are Certain She Wont. Not bad just not my type of story It took me weeks to read I couldn t motivate myself to get through it It was beyond boring It had potential however it was way too rushed The story skipped past the events that would easily make it a five star read Its not erotica Its not even a good suspense story Ugh why me Stop me if you have heard this beforeSo Nissa is kidnapped, enslaved, stripped naked, put up on auction block and sold to two fae hunters When she has the opportunity she runs for cover, opens a portal to our world, and escapes.Eventually her new owners, Roane and Erik, track her down and then berate her for not giving them the chance to explain that they want a consensual relationship with her while than once telling her that she is their slave and they can do anything to her they wish.If you have heard this before, you must read very different books than I do because I had never seen anything quite like this.And it has a few problems.Nissa grew up isolated in the woods with her mother but seemed to function perfectly well in our society just not in hers.We never found out exactly what a Hunter did.We never found our why the Royal Family was so messed up.We never found out the difference between a Collar and a Slave Chain.The Island was just plain odd.Roane and Erik were pretty Alpha dudes and seemed to be pretty good at wooing a virgin but they weren t particularly effective Doms.This was the outline of an interesting story but it needed a couple hundred pages to flesh it out into something good. As Slave to Pleasure opens, Nissa, a half human fae, is at slave auction getting ready to be sold to the highest bidder She s terrified she s been stolen by her cousin and sold into sexual slavery even though she s inexperienced What she really wanted was to be a hunter, but now her hopes of attaining that goal seem bleak.Roane and Erik, famed hunters, see her, want her, buy her She runs away but eventually they find her, and agree to make a deal If she will stay with them for seven days, they ll allow her to leave if she still wants to She s sure she will, they re pretty sure she won t She agrees to the deal when they tell her they can help her through her heat.From there on out this book gets hot There s m m, m f m, some light bondage It s a magical world with faeries, dragons, and demons, and when Eliza is kidnapped for her magic Roane and Erik think she left them again.I m not very good with length distinctions book length you naughty thing but I think this is a novella or short story I know when books are not full length that the story has to progress quicker than usual, so I was fine with that What I didn t get was why the cousin kidnapped her and sold her when he was planning to turn around and kidnap her again later Seems like he would have made less work for himself just kidnapping her once They also talked a lot about D s but I didn t really see that here.There are some issues Nissa has to overcome, promises are made, and the ending is sweet and spicy Slave to Pleasure is definitely a very erotic fantasy read. I bought this book because I was in the mood for some bondage menage Yes there was bondagekinda And there was sex M M F , but it was just sex I never really connected with the characters, and I think that s because I didn t get a whole lot of info about them until after they were already in love and screwing like a handy man s tools.I couldn t even tell you the characters names without really thinking about it The most memorable part for me was that they really liked coffee, and the chick was really magical and didn t want to be a sex slave.There seemed to be a LOT of backstory that was teased at and never brought to the foreground to be explained This was a short tale and took me awhile to finish It was really easy for me to step away from this book The concept of the tale is a good one, and maybe it s a series starter or something that would make sense with additional back story or additional information If it is, I totally missed the boat on that one Not bad, per se.just really couldn t catch my attentionat all. I was a little disappointed in this bookit was the first from this author that didn t really grab me To be fair, this subgenre is not among my normal areas of interest, but other reviews convinced me to try it The book didn t flow as well as most of her others which I truly loved it seemed like some plot points weren t finished before moving on to the next There wasn t much in the way of character development either, which left me wondering where certain things were coming from I would still wholeheartedly recommend this author, just not this particular selection. Nissa the niece of the king was kidnapped and sold as a slave Her dream of becoming a warrior for her fae people seemed snuffed as two of greatest fae warriors, Erik and Roane, purchase her on the auction block Even they were surprised of her strength of will to escape A bargain was made for 7 days and nights of submission to gain her freedom Will she want to leave on the 7th day I completely enjoyed this deliciously sexy story Erik and Roane are two of the strongest of the fae who have battled together and are deeply bound to each other Nissa is a strong character who really keeps these two on their toes Their strength help Nissa to surrender, but I love how they surrender their hearts to her All three together makes an explosive combination of heat and desire that will melt any reader There is BDSM, MFM and MM What a delightfully sexy read Eliza Gayle weaves a wonderful tale of magic, lust, and a love that blends worlds together in this amazing Fantasy story of a half fae woman sold as a slave, but loved as an equal I was thoroughly entranced by the story, and look forward to.My only reservations about this book was that I didn t feel there was enough plot development While I m aware that erotic romance is meant to be sexy, I would have liked to see a little real plot behind it A great plot was hinted at, but never actually carried through, and Nissa, especially, had a lot character depth to give than she was actually allowed to show.