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Genre BDSM Futuristic Science FictionHer Voice Is Known Throughout The Galaxy Her Face Is Completely UnknownFleeing Her Monstrous Husband Back On Puritanical Earth And The Police Assassins He S Hired, Singer Mella Archer Becomes Stranded On The Frontier Planet Of Nexus Desperate To Survive, She Picks The Wrong Target Dain, The Head Of Planetary SecurityDain Is Amused By The Attempted Theft, And When Mella Is Sentenced To Serve Time Indentured As A Bedroom Slave, He Buys Her Contract As He Introduces The Repressed Earther To The Pleasures Of Sex With A Dominating Warrior, He Slowly Comes To Realize That The Little Thief Has Stolen His HeartWhen The Monster Arrives On Nexus And Has Lunch With Dain, Mella Is Panic Stricken Her Owner Must Be Part Of The Conspiracy To Kill Her, And It Will Only Be A Matter Of Time Before The Monster Discovers That She S Still Alive She Attempts To Escape She Fails Embittered By Her Lies And Mistrust, Dain Returns Her To Indenture Hall To Be Sold AgainNow The Monster Has Found Her And She Has Nowhere Left To RunPublisher S Note This Book Contains Explicit Sexual Content, Graphic Language, And Situations That Some Readers May Find Objectionable Anal Play Intercourse, BDSM Theme And Elements Including Not Limited To Bondage, Caning, Spanking , Dubious Consent This was definitely a different type of background setting for CS than we are used to Very sci fi But also laced with that delicious D s flavor A tough as nails hero with a heart of gold A stubborn yet vulnerable female who falls reluctantly for him but very sweetly Yummy dominant lovin And of course, a nasty bad guy who we all hate.Once again, another well written story by CS I admit I m looking forward to of the Masters books but this very different book was just proof she can pull it off in many different settings I can t really give any criticism I don t think I really liked how much she actually had to endure before they finally figured out the truth of the situation and trusted each other But thats just me Not the author This was her vision of how the story resolved itself and I honestly loved it all I hate that its over now and I have to wait for the next one Yet another BDSM romance disaster confusing Stockholm syndrome with love He is supposed to be very honorable, and, honestly, I liked him through the first quarter of the book After that, though, he is absent except for sex, readily admits that he knows nothing about what she likes or what interests her, does nothing to help, interest, court, or stir her Basically, at best he is disinterested, at worst, he is an a hole, and yet the TSTL heroine seems to find that attractive and safe After the events on the night of the Starlight Rite, and the morning afterwhat he does is UNFORGIVABLE Worst of all, he knows it is wrong, but he has his pouty little she hurt me She doesn t trust me fit, when he did nothing to earn her trust, never expected or offered her anything than sex Oh, and his so called honor comes back into play, supposedly excusing what he did SPOILER date rape drugs are date rape drugs and he knows it, because he tells his friend that she will still suffer , no means no, and gang rape is gang rape It is not okay It isn t even proper BDSM, as it wasn t consensual, clearly not consensual After all of this, though, I kept reading because I though he would at least feel a little guilty, and she would get to voice how it made her feel, but after everything, she embraces him with no recrimination, and he doesn t even regret anything or apologize Good lord, I really hate this crap. 4 stars for story 1 star for the following reality check This isn t dubious consent, it s non consent More importantly, it s unacknowledged non consent.At one point, the heroine says, This is rape and the hero says, No, it s not Because horrible things happen to the genitals of rapists here on this planet Oh, and also you begged me to buy you And then the heroine feels guilty GUILTY.After being given an aphrodisiac without her consent or knowledge , electrocuted, informed that she would be beaten if she tried to run away, and publicly chained to be fondled by a gathered crowd, she still turned the hero down It wasn t until a sadist hurt her and started seriously bidding on her that she decided the hero was a lesser evil A lesser evil but still an evil The sad part is, aside from the whole delusions of consent issue, this was a decent story The male MC could fess up to the fact that she was completely unwilling, and it wouldn t change the plot at all Replace his little rapist genitalia speech with, Yes, it s rape I know this isn t voluntary on your part I m hoping that it won t always be that way, though and voila Exactly the same story, but without the spectre of unacknowledged rape hanging over the whole thing.I can tell by the reviews that this didn t bother most people, but this conversation took place around the 25% mark I was absolutely convinced there would be a reality check somewhere in the remaining 75% of the story, and kept wincing while waiting for the MCs to come to their senses He goes on and on and ON about honesty, but NEVER acknowledges that their first few sexual encounters were rape That s all I m asking for He doesn t even need to be sincerely apologetic although it would be nice, especially when he finds out why she was behaving criminally in the first place.It was a decent plot, excellent world building I was too frustrated to accurately gauge the sex scenes. I have to say that I was quite impressed with Cherise Sinclair foray into the sci fi genre.Earth has become a crazy religious place where sex is only allowed for breeding While trying to escape her evil husband, Mella ends up stranded on a far away colony planet, Nexus Things are very different here Sex is not only encouraged but celebrated and oh yeahyou can buy indentured sex slaves.Mella gets caught trying to rob Dain and gets sentenced to 39 days as a slave Thank goodness that Dain purchases her contract and he manages to coax her sexuality back to life. Stranded and running for her life, Mella is caught trying to steal money to hide and survive her husband s murderous attempts She couldn t have picked a worse or better target, Dain who happens to be head of the planetary security Intrigued by the mystery she presents, he buys her contract as an indentured sex slave, never knowing her indentity as the famous singer Amelina Archer, hopefully he never will as far as she s concerned She wants to survive and bring justice to those responsible for the deaths of her friends, but she s afraid and unsure of who to trust.As always, thoroughly enjoyed reading Cherise Sinclair s stuff and eagerly await. Okayofficially a Cherise Sinclair addict I will read any book she puts out now While she does have strong themes that run through her books strong Dom characters, a woman reluctant to submit or new to the scene, and HOT steamy spanky sex , there is enough diversity in her character choices and story lines that I don t feel bored.This book was the first Sci Fi tale I have read from Sinclair In this tale Earth has gone through the Moral Wars and sex is deemed for procreation only Well poor Earthling singer Mella finds herself running for her life from her dick hole husband on a planet that punishes people by selling them for slave labor Of course she has to steal to try and get food, so she just so happens to get caught and sold as a sex slave The one thing that I could have done with less of was the alien terminology Renaming every sexual part act, and every animal species and social class was a little much I did discover after I finished the book that there was a glossary of the terms in the back Would have been much useful had I known it was there Even though the terminology had me scratching my head from time to time, the story flowed fantastically There was action, hot sex, an alien orgy, and a HEA It was great Can t wait to read her next book out And if this book turns into a series.oh I am so there. Loved loved this book I don t normally do sci fi, but this is just wowI want me a Dane The relationship between Mella and Dane is soooo hot, even if she is an enforced slave to start with I loved the mystery, the story line kept me hooked throughout The story is well written, and I found myself lost to another world This world was so different and yet so similar to our current world I found the explanation for the new world at the back, but for me this was not needed as the story was so clear I worked this out for myself This story was interestingly different,but not stupidly bizarre Fantastic Going to read by this author Little thief, you ve stolen my heartBefore I go on ranting and rambling and whatever, if you want to read this book, be prepare for some new word and a new world Well, okay maybe you already expected that by reading the synopsis, so here s another one, read the Nexan Glossary so you won t be lost Okay, now go on enjoying the book winking gifs I had a hard time with keeping the info at first because I have to wrap my mind around the fact that Earth is now a conservative planet and passion and being intense is not allowedShudders I admit, I have cringed to that fact What a catastrophe HahahaOkay, getting back with the novel, I actually like the Nexans They perform a Planetary Orgy people Did you read that statement I repeat, Planetary Orgy But, this book is not all about fucking, well I was still excited about the planetary orgy and the rites and festival that was performed in the sake of fucking I think I can t get over with the planetary orgy LOLMella and Dain are exact opposite of each other Soft and hard Fair and dark skinned An Earther and a Nexan Na ve and worldly Their difference with each other is what drew me to them and to the story I love the passion in them Most of all, I love how Dain is a touchy feely man Always hugging or holding Mella s hands or kissing.I like how I dive into an adventure that seems familiar and yet, all too different altogether I enjoyed the heart stopping moments where you ll sigh with longing and pleasure and smile at those instants where the sweet moments were Also, I love how Mella found her voice again I love her journey, and enjoy it I felt her hardships and her being torn with indecisions, just about everything. This book is a well crafted, well written story with great characters Other reviewers described this book as BDSM light This was my first such book, and after reading it, I can say for certain that the BDSM realm is not for me at all But, I did not factor that into my rating, because I wanted to do the book justice it was a great story