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When I was about thirteen or fourteen, one of my best friends gave me a DVD copy of Road to Avonlea The Journey Begins, and I was very excited It looked just like my kind of thing and I was sure I would like it I did, and watched it a few times over the years, but for some reason I never cared or thought to watchof the famous show I wasn t too much of a TV movie person back then, and I think I was only vaguely aware that there even was a complete series of Road to Avonlea.But about a month or so ago, I found that beloved DVD again while I was looking for something good to watch, and settled on it since I hadn t watched it in a while I was hooked in a way I had never been before, and hurried to borrow the complete first season from the library I ll admit that I went into it expecting to be diverted, but I never thought I would fall so completely in love with it I m helplessly addicted now, and since the weather is mostly cold and rainy here, I do little else than binge watching and reading LMM I ve found myself wishingthan once to have discovered this wonderful series sooner, or had grown up watching it like everyone else here , but in a way I m glad I didn t because I wouldn t have the same sort of delight and appreciation I have for it now if I had There is something about watching and reading classical children material at an older age that I find quite magical It makes you feel so young again, brings you hope and reawakens your dreams I love that In Chronicles of Avonlea, a delightful collection of twelve short stories about the inhabitants of Avonlea and other nearby villages, we meet lovely new characters and relive many stories that inspired various episodes on Road to Avonlea Reading Montgomery feels like coming home you know you ll feel all cozy and warm and peaceful, and spend wonderful hours dreaming about her glorious descriptions of nature and her fascinating characters Whether it s a tale of estranged lovers finally reconciling, a grown up daughter coming home to her loving father, or a young boy playing a heart wrenching tune on his violin for his dying neighbour, each story will make you dream, sigh, and wonder And make you want to watch Avonlea, but that could be just me, too I ll write down the corresponding episodes besides the title of the short stories, for those who might be interested Some have been very loosely adapted, taking only a general idea and a few character names, but others have been quite accurate The ratings I ve included are for the short stories only Includes 1 The Hurrying of Ludovic Season Two, Episode 11, It s Just A Stage 2 Old Lady Lloyd Season One, Episode 5, Old Lady Llyod 3 Each in His Own Tongue Season Two, Episode 3, Aunt Hetty s Ordeal 4 Little Joscelyn Not featured, but similar to Old Lady Lloyd 5 The Winning of Lucinda Season Two, Episode 5, Old Quarrels, Old Love 6 Old Man Shaw s Girl Not featured 7 Aunt Olivia s Beau Season One, Episode 8, Aunt Abigail s Beau 8 The Quarantine at Alexander Abraham s Season One, Episode 3, The Quarantine at Alexander Abraham s 9 Pa Sloane s Purchase Season One, Episode 9, Malcolm and the Baby 10 The Courting of Prissy Strong Not featured 11 The Miracle at Carmody Not featured 12 The End of a Quarrel Not featured My two favourites by far were Each in His Own Tongue which made for one of the best episodes ever on RTA I mean, THAT VIOLIN PIECE THAT ENDING I never cry at movies, but ohhh was I tearing up then and The End of a Quarrel, but in reality they were all good if for nothing else than the gorgeous writing and beautiful setting and atmosphere The Winning of Lucinda wasn t a favourite because it seemed to me to be very inconclusive, but they did a magnificent job adapting it into the show and made for another beautiful episode that made me tear up The Quarantine at Alexander Abraham s was very funny and touching, and also really enjoyed Old Lady Lloyd LMM really had a way for portraying the elderly She always made them so interesting, and full of wisdom and knowledge and stories, most of them with tragically romantic pasts of lost loves or youthful disappointments The Courting of Prissy Strong was my least favourite because it was the only one which didn t really end well, and I though it overall a little far fetched But overall, it was a decidedly wonderful and enchanting little book, and I wouldn t hesitate to recommend it to Montgomery and Road to Avonlea fans alike I like her so muchas a short story writer than as a novelist All of her works communicate the conditions foibles quirks of insularity if you ever think of the dating pool where you live as small, imagine what it s like on an island, and back in a time where people didn t travel just because But the humor that emerges, especially in the last 7 stories, where she often uses a first person narrator, is five times better than anything in her novels Reading these, I recognized situations and story lines from the novels, and it would appear that some of them served as a base for later novels, even if the characters had different names the two sisters, one of whom forbade the other to marry, the uncontrollable but adorable young boy, ladies on a ladder, etc. Now while like with ALL short story collections I have ever read, period, I have of course and naturally not enjoyed each of the featured tales in L.M Montgomery s Chronicles of Avonlea equally so, I do have to with considerable pleasure proclaim that in particular with this collection, that especially with Chronicles of Avonlea, there have also and fortunately not been ANY tales that I have actually in any manner actively despised, there have been no inclusions that have made me massively angry, disgusted or frustrated enough not to want to continue reading And while indeed the first featured story of Chronicles of Avonlea, while The Hurrying of Ludovic, and interestingly enough this is also the only tale where Anne Shirley, where Anne of Green Gables plays an active and primary, prominent role and part, is just a wee bit too much romance and lovemaking for my personal reading tastes, I have still managed tothan adequately enjoy the story, mostly because even though Anne Shirley s rather annoying propensity to and for matchmaking is definitely prominently and indeed also somewhat for me frustratingly featured, one does still not really get all too much hit over the proverbial head with this so to speak in other words, L.M Montgomery fortunately still spends ample enough time with her characterisations and descriptions of place so that the thematics of lovemaking, of Anne Shirley trying to hurry Ludovic Speed along in his courtship of Theodora Dix, while yes perhaps a trifle annoying to and for those of us with scant interest in these types of tales, this all is nevertheless somewhat mitigated and renderedeasily digestible and readable But honestly, truly but of course also in my humble opinion , the featured tales of Chronicles of Avonlea, they absolutely do glowingly and brightly feature L.M Montgomery at her delightful storytelling best narratives, anecdotes of passion, emotion, sadness, happiness, triumph and tragedy, and often also sweetly and appreciatively imbued with both slyly sarcastic and sometimes even wildly laugh out loud humour, a marvellous and wonderful palette and tableau of both descriptiveness and generally alsothan enough action and reaction for those readers who tend to crave and need the latter And even move importantly at least to and for me , with regard to Chronicles of Avonlea, the vast majority of L.M Montgomery s literary characters both primary figures such as Old Lady Lloyd, Felix Moore, Angelina Peter McPherson and secondary tertiary characters like hired hands, servants and the like they also are for the most part totally and all encompassingly well enough developed, finely nuanced and three dimensional, with basically and happily no annoyingly one dimensional stereotypical personality renderings ever to be found.Further, I also very much have enjoyed and appreciated that except for Anne Shirley actively appearing as a matchmaker in the The Hurrying of Ludovic, in ALL of the other accounts where she is mentioned, such as for example in Little Jocelyn and in Each in His Own Tongue, Anne is only ever playing an explanatory, inactive and absolutely supporting role, with L.M Montgomery giving other characters, other figures their dues and their stories and experiences for as much as I have always enjoyed and loved the Anne of Green Gables series, Chronicles of Avonlea has in fact and indeed also been such a wonderful personal reading pleasure precisely because while reading about the same locales as in the Anne series is lovely, with places such as Avonlea, Carmody, Kensington and the like being featured, it has definitely been both fun and massively rewarding to read stories about other Avonlea and surrounding areas individuals and worthies and not simplytales featuring Anne Shirley, the Cuthberts, Rachel Lynde, Diana Barry and so on and so on Highly recommended, and for those of you who have watched and enjoyed the Road to Avonlea television series, especially in the first two seasons, quite a goodly number of the featured episodes are actually and often even quite heavily content and sometimes even title wise based on Chronicles of Avonlea. it had always been a matter of principle with me never to do anything a man asked me to do if I could help it I was noted for that an antipathy to men and dogs was one of my strongest characteristics I was noted for that I have no tact I am noted for that I am not often a dismal failure when I make up my mind to do a thing I am noted for that It is my duty and I never shirk my duty I am noted for that Self character sketch by the main character in Quarantine at Alexander Abraham s Chronicles of Avonlea 1912, Louis Coues Page , first in the Chronicles of Avonlea series by L M Montgomery, is a collection of a dozen standalone short stories set in Prince Edward Island in the literary world ofAnne of Green GablesSee my review of Anne of Green Gables here I decided to reread this book because of an upcoming trip to PEI, and I had a delightful time doing so I question whether LMM ever considered this book part of a series, but Goodreads has it listed that way I agree that it is logical to label it as such, even supposing it wasn t the author s original intent.Rating 5 starsNarrator 5 starsTitles with descriptions pulled straight out of Wikipedia The Hurrying of Ludovic Anne Shirley is behind Ludovic Speed s proposal to Theodora Dix after their very long courtship Old Lady Lloyd Old Lady Lloyd, thought to be very rich, encounters the daughter of her former beau and tries to help her Each in His Own Tongue Reverend Stephen Leonard attempts to stifle his son Felix s gifted violin playing, which he sees as unholy Little Joscelyn Aunty Nan hears of Joscelyn Burnett s return to Prince Edward Island and greatly desires to hear her old friend sing The Winning of Lucinda Lucinda and Romney Penhallow s longtime feud is resolved Old Man Shaw s Girl Mrs Peter Blewett attempts to destroy Old Man Shaw s hopes regarding the return of his beloved daughter Sara Blossom Aunt Olivia s Beau Olivia Sterling is courted by Malcolm McPherson Quarantine at Alexander Abraham s Severe man hater Angelina Peter MacPherson is quarantined for smallpox with Alexander Abraham Bennett, a misogynist who has not allowed a woman in his house for years Pa Sloane s Purchase Pa Sloane rashly buys a baby at an auction and must deal with the consequences The Courting of Prissy Strong Stephen Clark courts Prissy Strong despite her sister Emmeline s strong opposition The Miracle at Carmody Avowed atheist Judith Marsh and her sister Salome attempt to raise young Lionel Hezekiah The End of a Quarrel Peter Wright and Nancy Rogerson meet again, many years after a quarrel over his grammar broke them up.This is a lovely book of short stories which I hadn t read inthan 20 years Yet, I can remember much of it Granted, it was a beloved book, read multiple times when I was a tween and or teen But still I don t have the greatest memory I m amazed at it s sticking power These stories are so sweet and clever The narration by Grace Conlin was very well done She has narrated a couple of other L.M Montgomery books as well Christian elements In the eleventh story see the description above , one character is preventing the other two from going to church I find the conclusion quite touching Then again, I probably find all of LMM s stories touching, and the author manages it without depriving me of the HEA happily ever after I so desire Is it clean chaste Of course Super chaste, as are all of LMM books and stories The bottom line This book is full of sweet, touching short stories I recommend this book to anyone, even one as young as a grade school student The only exception might be those who are bored without a lot of action I look forward to rereadingby this author, and am already reading Anne of Avonlea. Lovely, feel good stories, perfect for reading over Christmas and beginning the new year with The ending was amazing feelgood feelgood,,, ,, , , , , 15 20, 15, , , , , ,, , , , , , , , , , , , ,, , , . On Prince Edward Island, Where Anne Shirley Grew Up In The Sea Sprayed Town Of Avonlea, There Was No Shortage Of Wonderful Stories There Was The Case Of Ludovic Speed, Who Wouldn T Propose To The Woman He Had Courted For Fifteen Years Until Anne Devised A Plan To Speed Him Up If It Didn T Backfire And Break His Heart But No One Could Blame Mischievous Anne For The Hilarious Battle Of The Sexes That Erupted When A Man Hating Woman And Her Cat Got Quarantined In The Same House With A Woman Hating Bachelor And His Dog From Sprawling Penhallow Grange, Where A Family Waits Nearly Forever For Two Quarreling Lovers To Break Their Stubborn Silence, To The Tumbledown Farm Of Old Man Shaw, Who Awaits The Retum Of His Beloved Daughter, L M Montgomery Has Written Twelve Tales Of Secret Hopes And Hidden Dreams, Filled With Enchantment And Humor I just reread this book for the 10th or 20th time, and I love it as much as when I was 12 reading it for the first time The author was an extraordinary storyteller, and this book of short stories were extra poignant this year I need the sweetness and simplicity that these stories offer and have offered to generations of girls and womenthis year than in previous years.This was the last of my rereads of the Montgomery books, and it is always with a sad heart that I finish them But still rereading these books, I feel like I have learned valuable lessons that make me a kinder,compassionate person. A cute collection of short stories that hits all of Montgomery s usual plot points without devolving into saccharine nonsense.