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A Brand New Vampire Queen Novel From The Award Winning Author Who Never Ceases To Amaze Night Owl Romance As Servant To Vampire Mistress Lady Daniela, Elisa Is Unwaveringly Devoted But She Recoils At One Shocking Request Destroy The Untamed, Undead Children Entrusted To Her Care There Is One Desperate Option Malachi, A Native American Vampire Who Is A Legend For His Work With Rehabilitating Feline Predators And As Malachi Struggles To Control The Young Ones Impulses, He Opens Himself Up To Those Of Elisa And The Passion They Share For The Night Could Seal Their Fates Forever

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    3.75.Stars.and why Elisa I Must Save The ChildrenI Simply MustwahhhYour not going to help me.Ooooh nooo I ll just do it myselfElisa.EeekSave me..Well, that makes this is my least favorite of this series s my badcuz..I have not EVER really liked, servant, submissive damsel in distress womenYes, yes, yes, strong heartsweet, kind and motherlyElisa is just thatBUT as for me, what I like is the kick butt, ripe your heart out , I got this Super strong female who still is sweet and all heart, after pulling her embedded teeth savagely out of someone neck as shown in book 1,2, 5,and 6 in this series HOWEVERWhat I truley loved about this book The Vampire Vivid Writing Awesomeness always Joey W Hill delivers.BUT It still took a while for me to get into this book Elisa and Mal s chemistry was off or rather simply missing The jumping back in time this time line is like Danny s book many, many years or so before the last book, Hint view spoiler Thomas is dead But, in this he is alive and well hide spoiler

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    I ve come to the conclusion that this series isn t for me, I m just too resentful of the way these vampires view and treat humans ESPECIALLY their servants While this book was not as disgustingly heavy on the TPE and gory detais as the last book I read, I ve decided not to read any books set in the Vampire Queen universe.So sorry Melissa and Margarita I tried, I really did, but in the end I DNF d this book at 50%

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    Review posted Happily Ever After ReadsWhen we first met Elisa in the series she was living as a maid at Lady Danny s station She was in a horrific attack by a fledgling, children turned into vampires, and only just survived The man she loved was killed in the attack, she was raped and while her attacker was killed, she s on a long road to recovery The remaining fledglings are so unstable and Danny sends them to Malachi in the hopes of rehabbing them They are years older than they appear, but once turned, they won t age They re all having trouble controlling rage, blood lust, anger and everyone except Elisa believes them to be lost causes Elisa travels to Mal s island to help get the kids settled and she can t let go of the motherly feeling she has towards them Even after being attacked by one, she still sees them and feels hope, and wants to be the soft voice and give them comfort that they ve never had Mal spends his days fairly isolated on his island, rehabbing animals back into the wild, or providing a safe haven for those who can never be free on their own again He has a way with the animals, instinctively knowing how to handle them, how to provide them with what they need be it an alpha influence, a parent teaching a cub how to hunt, or just a safe place being their protector He takes in the fledglings and agrees to see if there s anything that can be done to save them and actually help them have lives again.It wouldn t be a Vampire Queen series book with the vampire servant dynamic What was a nice change was Mal and Elisa themselves Mal is probably the most human vampire I ve read in this series He s young for a vampire, and has the urges most do, but he still remembers his human dreams Simple dreams of having a wife, kids, a home, things that most vampires don t bother with, but it s something he thinks about and until Elisa came into his life, they were dreams that he didn t let himself even hope for Elisa wants those same things, and even though her life has been hard from the start, she still wants a simple life, same as Mal What was it you wanted Danny s voice was neutral, quiet What the hell He d opened the can of worms now, right A family A home Children I wanted to hunt as the old ones of our tribe used to do before we were overrun with settlers, bring home game to my wife and have her prepare it Sit with her around a fire at night, watch our children play and think about how I d make love to her that night I m a vampire, Danny I can t have that memory I can t have the fantasy Maybe not exactly like that, no But our way of life doesn t completely exclude such a thing, Mal And as much as you like that picture, there are things in you that are different from that, too Things you need as a vampire that you can t deny That s the problem They re all tangled together I m with her, and I want I want to own her Make her mine in all ways Take her to her knees and teach her pleasure there And I also want to see her Cook your food, sit by your fire at night Yes I loved their relationship Loved It was a nice change from the other vampire servant relationships we ve seen in the series so far, and while those hard, dark, deeply emotional storylines are so well done by Joey Hill, this relationship felt very much like a partnership Mal has his Master moments at home in private and in the social setting with other vampires, but he and Elisa have a great give and take and I also enjoyed that the majority of their story took place on the island There was one social scene with other vampires and if you re familiar with this series, you know exactly what that means Elisa agreed to do whatever was asked of her to be a proper servant to Mal, but one line from her really tugged at the heart strings, and I wished so badly that Mal would just scoop her up and leave She lost the ability of choice She had lived without being able to choose anything for so long and then Mal gave that back to her in the weeks prior, and when it felt taken away from her yet again, she struggled with that, and I struggled right along with her during that scene.I had a hard time with rating this book for one reason, and it s something that I couldn t really get past This paragraph will have spoilers as it deals with the fledglings storyline I knew going in it would be a rough story to read because of them These kids were brutalized, turned violently into vamps and have no outlet, no way to deal They have such strong urges, Elisa isn t able to be within touching distance of them for quite some time There s an attack within this group and one young male fledging rapes a young female As a reader, this is just something I don t read, ever I have a hard time reading about a flashback a character might have with a past rape, but this was right there, in real story time and it was beyond difficult to get past I understand why Joey put the scene in, it made story sense, but I wish I d have skipped over it It did pull me out of the story and I really had to distance myself from the fledglings storyline from that point on This behavior and lack of control is a sad reality for some of these kids, but it was a scene I wish I hadn t read.My final rating for this book is 3 stars I loved the relationship between Mal and Elisa, and nobody writes the emotion involved in a Master servant relationship better than Joey Hill, the kids storyline was very brutal and dark, it was just a little too much for me in this book.

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    Title Vampire Instinct Author Joey W HillRelease Date July 2011Genre Erotic BDSM Paranormal RomancePages 448Series Book VII of the Vampire Queen Series Publisher Berkley HeatISBN 978 0425241264Posted August 2011Reviewer BarbRating 5 starsHeat Level IIIWinner of Risque Reviews Top Pick Award only given for a rating of 4.5 stars or higher Summary After being raped and seeing the man she loves killed right in front of her, by one of the young fledging vampires Elisa is trying to save, to say Elisa is traumatized is putting it mildly Yet with a lioness heart Elisa fights for the lives of the other fledglings when her mistress is ready to have the six surviving fledglings put down along her attacker When her mistress offers Elisa youthful fledglings what may be their only hope of surviving Elisa jumps at the chance to save her young charges Elisa dusts off her grief and heads into the unknown as only a person of servitude would know how.Malachi, a Native American Indian before he was made a vampire, is known for his work in rehabilitating feline predators Malachi s understands better than most, what it takes to survive However, even the king of the jungle knows when he s met his match And Malachi s is about to meet his when Elisa enters his camp and proves she isn t afraid of his roar, or his bite With so much riding on how these next few weeks, emotions are running high Elisa and Malachi are blindsided when they discover it s not just the fledgling s survival that s at stake As passions are opened and desires become than just a moment shared between them, Elisa and Malachi are hurled into the world of vampire politics Something neither has any way of preparing themselves for Now the only thing that may save Elisa and Malachi is to give into something even dominant than a vampire Love Review Hill has done it again, thoroughly knocking me on my ass with the latest installment in her vampire series, Vampire Instinct If asked why, my answer would be simple Vampire Instinct is a contradiction in terms it is as rough as it is soft and when the philosophical and spiritual aspects clash they fight for dominancy almost as much as the characters do Of course, I d be remiss if I failed to mention that Vampire Instinct is so scorching hot, you might want the fire department on speed dial to put out any spontaneous combustion that might happen while you re reading Vampire Instinct is just another example of Hill s talent as a novelist Although the story is set in 1954 the plot is timeless, because it provides than just entertainment, it presents itself as a literary novel as well Hill is spot on once again with writing that is exceptional Her writing is complimented withcharacters that are fully developed, coupled with scenes so vividly drawn they become a character themselves Within this story you ll find there is a lesson to be learned, as it touches on the social etiquette of the era Look also for another message to be conveyed, moral and otherwise, that will be as important a hundred years from now as it is today That the real malevolence is when hate and prejudices are given enough fuel to gain strength, because evil has no bias as to whom it enlists.However, what will keep the reader riveted to each page is the emotional turmoil that, Malachi and Elisa especially Elisa have to endure just to get them to where they need to be The turmoil is almost palpable as the pages turn, so will the reader be absorbed in their emotions Tears will form from so deep inside it will feel like a damn broke, taking with it not only the reader s heart, but their soul, as well Not even the vampires Hill writes about would be able to resist getting carried away in the steam of emotions that this story brings What else does Vampire Instinct bring Vampires so enthralling your heart will be racing checkSexual tension check Romance notice I put the sexual tension first check A bit of horror check Humor witty humor even check Sex Oh yea and Hill can throw down some of the best, most erotic sex scenes I have ever read check Tortured hero oh mama I mean checkThe perfect erotic paranormal romance check Barbara Mazzuca

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    Originally posted at familiar with Joey W Hill s Vampire Queen Series will relish this newest installment In Vampire Instinct we are introduced to a different kind of hero Malachi is a vampire who has been turned, not born, and is Native American For the most part he stays away from the vampire world, remaining at his sanctuary for feline predators So when vampire Lady Daniela asks for his help in rehabilitating feral vampire children, he isn t certain he is up to the task Enter Elisa Daniela s servant and a woman who has lost much at the hands of the children in her care Mal and Elisa don t appear to have much in common, but as past tragedies are revealed they discover they need each other far than they realize As with Ms Hill s previous books, Vampire Instinct is impossible to put down The characters come to life on the page, becoming living, breathing people Malachi is extremely sexy as a vampire who resists his darker compulsions, while Elisa is the perfect heroine to test him at every turn and peel away the layers to reveal the man beneath the tough fa ade There is heartbreak, there is love, and there is so much emotion in this novel it s impossible to formulate into words It s difficult to reveal too much about Elisa and Mal for fear of ruining the story However, it is safe to say Mal learns to master the fragile and traumatized Elisa in the same cautious fashion he approaches her vampire charges Although the heat and chemistry between the protagonists is off the charts, it s the deeper emotional connection that will bring readers back to this book when they want a tear jerker read Vampire Instinct is an absolute must buy for those who enjoy thoroughly developed characters, a soul deep emotional journey, and the perfect amount of BDSM.

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    I won t say too much at this time as the release date in in July I will do a full review prior to release However, I will say I was thrilled to read an ARC of Vampire Instinct This book is a must read I laughed, I teared up, I got hot and bothered, and I wanted after the final page was turned.As far as characters go Malachi almost edged Lord Mason off the top of my all time favorite hero list I mean, he was this close Elisa was something else I absolutely loved her You also get to revisit familiar faces, which is always a treat.Bravo, Joey You ve done it again Not that I had any doubt wink Now I m am waiting for Bound by a Vampire Queen December can t come soon enough

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    Phew.I think I am now officially all cried out This book is definitely a heavy one, but then again, are any of Joey Hill s books really light reading Malachi is a made, half Native American half white vamp who runs a big cat rehabilitation preserve on an island off the coast of Florida He s a friend of Lady Danny, whom we saw in Danny and Dev s book This story takes place in 1954, not long after their story Remember the made, vampire children from that station Elisa, a second marked servant of Danny has been caring for them in the Outback She feels a deep connection to them, almost as if they are her children Danny decides these damaged fledglings need a chance to be rehabilitated and sends Elisa and the young vamps to Malachi s preserve She s not long past an attack by one of those child vamps that almost took her life and did kill her first human love, Will Elisa sees that Malachi is much different from most vamps she has met, dominant for sure, but often kind She stands up to him when she thinks his actions might not be what s best for the children And he takes it to a pointThey can t deny their attraction and Malachi sees in her that she s a submissive that wants to care for the world I love that Joey is able to make each story so different Elisa is submissive but fierce in her protectiveness Malachi is different in that he was made, but still remembers some of his Cherokee past, his journey along the Trail of Tears She and Malachi make a wonderful pair, but it s not without a lot of heartache And there s another vampire dinner gathering what would one of these be without that, huh Very hot stuff The crux of the story though, is about many types of love, not only of a vamp for his servant, but of a mother for her children, biological and adoptive That even the most meek appearing mother will become a fierce tiger when protecting her own That love was enough to make me absolutely weep in both joy and sadness at this beautiful story.

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    Let me just start by quoting a description of Maluchi His coat lay over the seat opposite him in the limo He d rolled up his sleeves, and he had a knee propped against the door Sleek and brushed, his hair was pulled into a tail at his nape, so it emphasized the strong bones of his face He looked like a lean, powerful animal pressing against the bars of his cell, ready to leap out as soon as the door was opened I loved his theme of dont run from a predator which went throughout the book Oh my my my, his sex scenes were amazing and exactly what I love to read about, wink wink The ice was surprising and I love when the women character in a book in this case Elisa does exactly what I would ve done, which was lay down on his bed in his extremeley exoctic bedroom The cats the bengal fur and the dreams were all eye candy Absolutely loved the images of the island and the way he cares for his animals.Getting to Elisa and Mal and the children it was so sad All of it from the way they had their freedom on the island to Jeremiah dieing I was so happy to see some of them rehabilitated and sent to homes but Jeremiah had me sobbing From the second marking of Elisa which was a surprise to when he killed Leonidas and then when he himself died at Elisa s handit was beautiful and so sad he loved her as a man but he was stuck in a 9 year old body tormented with bloodlust I would love to see him come back in another form or body please oh please.Maluchi wanting to be married and with children was so sweet He was one of the sweeter vampires being young, he had his memories of his human life it was a nice change Then him finding a third servant and seeing her through her nature of being a mom and wanting the same as him, he really protected and possesed all of them I wish he knew his real name and I loved when he spoke his language there are just so many things I loved about this book, it was poetic and profound juicebox

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    This is probably now my favourite book in the series It s hard to tell because I really do like all the characters Ms Hill creates, but this one, I felt so much for the characters I really like Elisa She is so spunky and sweet in her submission God the sex scene where she was forced to take 3 men on was SO DAMN HOT I thought, wow, I need an orgasm now Damn, my DH is asleep.As for Malachi can we be any depressing Trail of Tears For real Why God that was a terrible time One of the presidents I despise I never understood why he was on the 20 dollar bill Andrew Jackson was a MASS MURDERER He tried to commit total genocide and we allow him to be in our daily lives on a 20 dollar bill WTF I don t get it.Anyway, back to the book, what really killed me was the fledglings What happen to them was terrible As a lost cause, it broke my heart My heart tore when Jeremiah spoke to Elisa That Victor and Leo were good at one point but were driven to madness out of their control is even heart breaking Please Ms Hill, just end it No need to twist the dull dagger in my heart several revolutions before finally ending the pain, misery and suffering.I also enjoyed the animal sanctuary This was truly a marvelous yet depressing piece Ms Hill certainly did her work on this one The amount of research and world building to create this story was amazingly detailed and full of colour I loved it I will probably read this story over and over again which is why it is a 5 star for me I m not sure why I waited so long to read this book I didn t even know I purchased it when it first came out.I recommend this story to vampire lovers who want to read about how live goes on, despite heartbreak and brutalization The strong will survive.

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    I liked the idea and potential of this story Mal a reclusive, Native American vampire, living on a secluded island is asked to help Elysa, a traumatized maid from Danny s household Elysa was brutally raped and saw her husband murdered Mal is dominant and Elysa is a natural submissive, who has never experianced a D s relationship The developing relationship between Mal and Elysa was boged down with psychology lessons, history lessons and ecology lessons Mal rescues and rehabilitates wild cats, so there was a lot of information about how the rehabilitation works Elysa is trying to save vampire made children, and I felt this story was about her relationship with the children than her relationship with Mal They had sex 2 days after meeting each other and I didn t feel the fire between them Elysa has low self esteem and she distrusts Mal, even when she is third marked She had no personal growth, other than sex with Mal was different than with other men There wasn t much exploration of the D s relationship and not a lot of sexy times, the sex scenes were pages long but scares.