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A cute peek at the series.It s only a 10 minute or so read, but I enjoyed it and if I were in the market for reading material, I would gladly start into the series after reading this. This is a very short story that introduces the Demon Trapper series and includes a bonus of the first two chapters of Forsaken Setting is 2018, Atlanta, GA A time where demons terrorize the city These are no ordinary demons, but demons hell bent on destroying books These are some foul mouthed little creatures, at least the ones introduced in this story and the beginning of book one, who flip the bird and pee on the trapper and other victims There are 5 grades of demon, and given that the main character is just starting out, she is only confronting grade one In order to stun the little suckers you read to them Weapon of choice for main character Riley, the 17 year old the series follows, is Moby Dick Apparently romance novels do nothing but piss them off even so you go for the meatier denser type stuff After reading a few sentences the demon begins to pass out and the trapper then captures the demon in a little sippy cup Crazy concept, but from the short intro the story is interesting enough that I could give the first book a read and see whether I d care to read the rest From what I get from the story the retro part of the title comes from the characters being able to opt for a particular decade and stick permanently within that era Stereotypical though in the characteristics of each era that is described to be honest The couple in the short story were sixties hippy childs who worshiped Jim Morrison to the point of having a large altar in the room that the demon was causing havoc in.It seems that there is alot going on in the story and I am interested in whether the author can successfully wrap it all together nicely The society seems to have broken down economically and has little stability I remember thinking hey this sounds a little familiar when for instance the author mentions the rocketing gas prices causing people to use any mode of transport other than car.Overall not a terrible read for a free purchase on my kindle. A Demon Trapper S Bonus StoryBefore Riley Blackthorne Can Take On Grade Five Demons, She Has To Trap Her Very First Her Debut Solo Trapping Experience Should Be A Breeze, Just A Harmless Grade One After All But Throw In Some Dippy Hippies Whose Peace Signs And Patchouli Really Aren T Driving Any Demons Away , One Mischievous Demon, And A Run In With The Police, And Riley Might Not Be Able To Pull It Off Originally reviewed by Rabid Reads t confuse Retro Demonology with a novella, because it s definitely of a short story if that makes any sense It s also available as a free download and is only a handful of pages in length so remember to take that into consideration before deciding to read it However, if you re reluctant to commit to A Demon Trapper s Daughter, the first full length book of Jana Oliver s new series, this is a good way to go This prequel is very cute and will wet your lips just enough to get you interested in the series.The story takes place before book one and is about Riley s first solo trapper mission This prequel introduces a neat concept The world has changed a lot since the demons managed to take up residence on Earth Some people are having a hard time dealing with their new reality so as a coping mechanism they ve created their own mini oasis in a past decade In this case, Riley s first customers are stuck in the 60s The trapping goes off without a hitch but she runs into a bit of a problem on her drive home I don t want to spoil such a short tale so I ll stop here but Jana Oliver manages to demonstrate a bit of the sarcastic humour that s prevalent throughout The Demon Trapper s Daughter.This prequel will only take you about 10 minutes to read but Retro Demonology could have easily been a chapter in book one It ll give you a pretty good idea of what to expect from the series while not giving away any plot secrets I enjoyed it for what it is a quick, easy read Retro Demonology is perfect for existing fans of the series as well as for possible future ones. Just read this on line there the now i have a friend who s into this series so i thought i d check it out for myself and i have to say it was not at all bad From the covers of the other books in the series, i made the assumption that this series would be girly but from what i just read it would seem that it is aimed at both genders If the other books in the series are anything like this one, i will defo be reading them Retro Demonology is a bonus short story from the Demon Trappers series I thought I d try this first before starting on the series, just so I can get an idea about what this series is about This story was about Riley s first ever solo assignment She usually goes off with her father but now she must prove that she can handle trapping a demon on her own I got to grasp the concept of her job and what she and her people do, but I really don t get what s so bad about taking care of a Grade One demon where hippies were involved Is Riley just annoyed with them or what Speaking of the Grade One demon, well her job didn t really take on much but reading out loud to weaken it And that ending where exactly was it taking readers to What made it want a reader to look forward to I m all puzzled here Since I haven t read any of the books from this series, I thought this would help me understand Riley s world a bit, but I don t think it did much of a job I guess that s the problem with bonus short stories, they re just too short to get anything deep out of them But then again, I ve read some that actually left me satisfied, this one though didn t I guess it would have been interesting to me if I ve managed to read the first book beforehand But have no fear, because I m still eager to read the Demon Trappers books.For of my reviews, please visit my blog The Blair Book Project Nice little story that is set before the first book in the series.Kept me entertained, but sadly not for long, since it is really, really short A pretty good short prequel Kept my attention and makes me want to read the rest of the books Retro Demonology is a free short story that can be read online HERE It is a prequel to Jana Oliver s Demon Trapper s series but it is only a few pages long so don t expect too much detail I absolutely love this series so it s one I d highly recommend but if you re not sure about whether to start it or not then this should give you enough of a taster to decide whether you want to try Forsaken that s the UK name, it was released as The Demon Trapper s Daughter in the US or not.This short introduces us to Riley Blackthorn, she is the daughter of a master demon trapper and also his apprentice This is the first time she has been send out to trap a demon on her own without her father there as back up so she is nervous but determined to do a good job I m not going to go into any detail than that so you ll have to read the story for yourself but there are plenty of giggles along the way and watch out for the clever use of a child s sippy cup.Obviously Jana Oliver goes into a lot detail with her world building in the full length novels, Riley is one of my favourite YA heroines and if you read the series you ll meet the absolutely delicious Denver Beck who I may have than a little crush on Retro Demonology is a fab little freebie from one of my favourite series and reading it has made me want to pick up Forsaken and start a re read Free downloaded short story downloaded from 7 16 11 No longer available at Kobo, but I found it hereNot bad, kind of a cute little short story about a girl that traps demons The first 2 chapters of The Demon Trapper s Daughter were also included.I might just have to find the book to read later on.